Woolworths shoppers go wild for $30 mini trolley, basket Big Box toy

A new toy collection has just hit Woolies stores across the country and shoppers can’t seem to contain their excitement.

Shoppers have just discovered a new toy range at Woolworths — and they are beside themselves.

In fact, some customers have confessed to being “more excited than kids” over the Big Box toy range which just hit stores on Wednesday.

A Woolworths spokesperson told news.com.au the range is already proving to be a popular gift with customers and they expect them to be a big hit come Christmas.

“With Christmas around the corner, parents are starting to look for fun gifts that foster creativity and imagination in their children,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re excited to introduce our new Big Box toy range for all the fresh food kids in the making that include toys such as a mini supermarket and trolley.”

Shoppers and parents alike have already flooded social media feeds after spotting the range at their local stores.

“Look what I found, a mini supermarket trolley and mini reusable bag,” a very enthusiastic TikTok user said as she showed off her goodies.

“We didn’t need any of this, we just came for a few things,” she continued, adding that she got distracted by all the new items.

In her clip, that’s been viewed more than 20,000 times, the woman who goes by the name of Nina Lee told viewers she used to love anything supermarket-themed as well as plastic fruit as a child.

“It is honestly the greatest thing ever created. This makes me so happy, you should see the smile on my face right now,” she said.

Woolies is selling the mini trolley for $30 and the reusable bag for just $10 — and while the bag is aimed at kids, Nina plans on using it as a handbag and the trolley for her own amusement.

“If you guys can get your hands on this trolley, I don’t care how old you are, please get one, it is so iconic and I love it so much.”

One mum shared a post on Facebook explaining how her local store was setting up the new range but was upset because her daughter “is too old for them”.

However, fellow shoppers still encouraged the mum to get the items.

“Who said anything about buying these for the kids anyways,” one woman joked.

“I got the set for my daughter tonight, all I can say is if you see them and want them, don’t sit on it they are selling out so fast,” a second person wrote.

“A friend of mine managed to grab the whole set from Woolies in Mortdale, NSW. I’m so jelly,” said another, while a fourth agreed “they won’t last long”.

“We only just got them in last night. And only four of each. So I don’t think they will last long. Already had people come in at 7am at open to try and buy them.”

Also included in the range is a mini supermarket set for $45 and a basket with play food and boxes (24 piece set) for $10.

The items are part of a brand new seasonal line that Woolies launched on Wednesday, October 6.

Customers can get their hands on the range both in-store and online at more than 650 stores across the country.

Customers can check the availability of the products for their local store on the Woolworths website.

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