Woolworths to replace damaged 99c green bags for free

They’re the reusable bags most of are guilty of stashing somewhere when not using them so it can be handy to know this “free” detail.

When it comes to reusable bags, most of us are guilty of keeping them bundled up down the side of our fridge or in a cupboard when we’re not using them.

So if your green bags become damaged for any reason and they’re from Woolworths, it can be useful to know their store policy means they will replace it for free.

Woolies worker Liam Kirley, who rose to fame on TikTok and now runs the supermarket’s own account on the social media app, said it was a policy many customers weren’t aware of.

“If your 99c ‘Bag For Good’ ever gets damaged and is no longer usable, you can replace it for free at the Customer Service desk,” he told news.com.au.

“Woolworths will even recycle the damaged bag too.”

A Woolworths spokesman also confirmed the supermarket would replace it for free “no matter when a customer bought it from us”.

As well as swapping out the damaged bag for a new one, Woolworths will recycle the damaged bag through REDcycle.

“The bag also supports the Woolworths Junior Landcare grants program, which has funded local environmental projects in more than 1100 schools and early learning centres across Australia,” a Woolies spokesman confirmed.

Warning over reusable plastic bag-folding hack

When it comes to keeping our reusable plastic bags in tip-top shape it’s popular to fold them into little triangles using a popular folding hack.

But last month another viral TikTok about storing and folding reusable supermarket bags prompted a warning from supermarket workers.

TikTok star and Adelaide mum Emmy Rachelle shared how she had folded all her bags up to store them better.

The video was viewed more than 168,000 times, but some supermarket workers said they disliked the folding method as it made their job more difficult at the checkout.

“As a checkout chick I hate having to undo the plastic when they are folded like that but awesome space saving hack,” one person wrote.

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