Woolworths worker shares hack for locating items in store | Video

Supermarket giant Woolies has responded after an expat’s complaint that store layouts were too hard to navigate in Australia went viral.

It’s a supermarket problem so common, it went viral on TikTok earlier this month.

But now Woolies has offered up its “hack” to finding groceries in store after complaints that both it and Coles’ minimal signage made it difficult when you weren’t familiar with the layout.

Former Woolies store worker Liam Kirley, who now works as the supermarket company’s content co-ordinator on TikTok, shared in a new video how to use the store’s app to find products.

To start, make sure you’ve got the Woolworths app on your phone and use the list function to select what branch you would be going to, as well as the “shop in-store” option, Mr Kirley said.

Then start building your grocery list by either selecting the “item that you want to add to your list or you can scan the barcode on an item you already have”.

Once you arrive at Woolworths to do your shop, Mr Kirley said: “Change the mode to in store mode and then sort by aisle location.

“The list will categorise all the times into aisles so you can easily navigate and find your products.”

Shoppers labelled the Woolies app “hack” a “game changer” in the comments, with one person writing: “I’m gonna try this next time, thanks mate.”

“I use the app to find stuff in store, my Woolies has just had a facelift so I’m still getting used to the new layout,” one shopper commented.

“This will definitely make my shop so much easier,” another wrote.

Coles’ phone app also has the same function, with a spokeswoman telling news.com.au it was “extremely popular with customers”.

“Not only does it allow customers to view the Coles catalogue and delicious mealtime inspiration, but customers can add groceries to their list and share it with family and friends via email or SMS,” they said.

You can also prepare for your shop in-store by using the app to search for products, add them to your shopping list and sort them by aisle to locate them faster.”

Expat’s ‘crazy’ issue with Coles, Woolies

Earlier this month an expat’s video about how “categorisations are just crazy here” in supermarkets, as each aisle sign will usually list three items, attracted over 16,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Plenty agreed with the TikTok video, saying that they too struggled with the differing layout between stores and minimal signage.

“Lived here my whole life and will never get it,” one person wrote. “I was at Coles that had dips spread into two different sections.”

Some claimed the reason for the “confusing” layouts was to “promote impulse buying” or because certain brands had paid to be displayed on eye-level shelves.

“It’s done to keep you in the store longer,” one person said.

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