‘World’s most difficult cat’ goes viral as it terrorises owners as they make food

It’s not a secret that most pets favour the people that provide them with food, water and shelter. In return, there will be rewards, cuddles, rubs and overall affection.

However, there are occasions when an animal’s appetite for food is so big that it causes them to forget their table manners, just like the case of one family’s ginger Tom cat Trekkie, who was a complete foodie.

In a humorous video uploaded by @thedodo, Trekkie went to great lengths to obtain his supply of cat biscuits, meat, milk, or whatever is brewing on the stove by his owners Grey and Kayla.

According to Kayla, Trekkie’s fixation with food wasn’t due to a medical condition; he’s just tremendously greedy.

In one scene, he could be seen sitting on top of the fridge, watching his owners cook on the stove.

“It’s just his personality,” Kayla said.

Trekkie was shown jumping up to open carton lids and swinging from the boxes by his jaw as he tries to burst through the liner in other clips.

Kayla claims he’s also mastered climbing over the oven and onto the stove, with one video showing him swiping food while Grey didn’t realize. He even tried to take a pizza box but was stopped in action.

If they refused to give Trekkie the food he wants, Grey said, “you’ll bleed.”

In another scene, Grey puts his plate away while Trekkie crawled up his arm to sample whatever is on his scale.

Trekkie’s fixation with food has fatigued Greg and Kayla to the point where they have resorted to keeping him in the bathroom while they eat.

They had to wedge the bathroom door shut even when trying to keep him away because the cunning cat had figured out how to open doors.

Kayla described Trekkie’s actions as a “game” and “challenge.” He’ll wait ‘til your guard is just the slightest bit down, and then he just strikes like a viper,’ she said.

Other methods Trekkie employed in his never-ending search for food include putting his head into tubs of cat treats, where he can become entirely stuck.

He was also caught hanging from the garbage bags after diving in to sample Greg and Kayla’s leftovers.

When it comes to the cat food Trekkie is supposed to eat, the pair have invested in mechanical feeders to track how much food he consumes and keeps him healthy.

According to Grey, despite jokingly “being the world’s most difficult cat,” he was also the “sweetest” feline.

Last month, the adorable Trekkie passed away from cancer. Taking to his official Instagram, Grey and Kayla wrote a heartfelt message.

“Knowing how many people Trekkie has touched means more to us than you’ll ever know,” the caption read, in part.

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