Would Ryan Paevey Consider Returning To ‘General Hospital’?

Ryan Paevey is starring in Hallmark’s upcoming soapy movie, A Little Daytime Drama. But, would the former soap star consider returning to General Hospital?

The Unleashing Mr. Darcy star may surprise you with his answer.

Ryan Paevey Is Starring In Hallmark’s A Little Daytime Drama

Soap fans are getting excited about Hallmark’s upcoming movie, A Little Daytime Drama. This romance should entertain all soap opera fans because of its plot. It stars two former soap stars Ryan Paevey (General Hospital) and Jen Lilley (General Hospital, Days of Our Lives).

According to Soaps, who spoke to Paevey, this movie is about a former soap star Darin, who left his show, Forever Is A Long, Long Time, and the soap world for the stage. However, his theatre career has not exactly panned out. It didn’t work out so great for the soap either. The ratings went down, and now head writer Maggie (Lilly), needs to talk Darin into returning to the show.

Just like the soap, they have their own side story that makes this all impossible. Maggie and Darin were involved when he was on the show. When he left, they split. She is, as Ryan explains, “reluctant” to woo him back. But, she needs to save the soap.

Because of this Hallmark premise, GH fans have to wonder, would Ryan Paevey return to the ABC show to reprise his role as Nathan, and resurrect him?

Would Ryan Paevey Return To General Hospital?

Ryan Paevey was asked whether he would consider going back to General Hospital, just like his Hallmark character Darin, in A Little Daytime Drama? Describing him as acting “coy,” Ryan did point out that his life “has changed quite a bit since I left, and it would be tricky to balance everything out.”

However, he did not seem to dislike this idea. The self-described workaholic seemed rather delighted at the prospect of adding something else to his busy schedule.  He admitted, ” We don’t have any plans at present.”

Next, Ryan seemed to make some suggestions on how he could see himself returning. Moreover, it sounds like he has thought about it, and he would want to add a little bit of a dark side to Nathan’s perfection. Maybe a skeleton or two in the closet?

“I laugh about this a lot because usually on soaps, you have a good guy, but there was that one time he maybe murdered somebody or cheated on his wife. Everybody has a bit of a checkered past. But Nathan was just kind of a good, nice guy.”

Maybe the GH Writer’s Room needs to take a few notes? Sounds like Ryan Paevey is open to coming back to General Hospital!

Hallmark Consulted With The Stars For Details

Speaking of the Writer’s Room, Ryan Paevey revealed that they did consult with Jen and himself about soapy details. He shared that Linda Dano, who also stars in the romance, was part of that consulting mix. Ryan shared that they wanted to make everything “as accurate as possible.”

For example, he revealed they asked questions like, “Is this what your scripts look like?” Or they would ask bout how many days they would normally shoot.

How did they do? You can find out when you watch the premiere of Hallmark’s A Little Daytime Drama, on Saturday, August 21, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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