WWE NXT News: Vince McMahon And Bruce Prichard To Produce Moving Forward

News broke last week that there would be major changes coming to the WWE NXT brand. While various changes were reported, the newest bombshell is one that could completely alter the way NXT is presented on television and viewed by fans in the future.

WWE NXT: Major Changes Coming

Last week a new logo was posted online and confirmed by WWE showing the NXT logo in paint-splattered multi-color. The reaction was the internet community was mixed to negative, with many shaking their head at the drastic change. NXT has gone through changes over the years but has always been grounded in more sport than entertainment. According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer, it looks like the entertainment aspect of sports entertainment will be a priority for NXT. Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard are reportedly set to have a major impact on WWE NXT when live shows resume later this month.

During Wednesday’s Wrestling Observer Live, co-host Brian Alverez confirmed that he spoke to several sources that confirmed the news. “When they go back to live shows, this is going to be a Vince McMahon-Bruce Prichard production,” Alverez said.

Wrestling Observer Live confirms

Dave Meltzer went on to double down on the reports to further confirm that changes are being made to WWE NXT. “McMahon and Prichard will be behind the big decisions, not the little ones,” Meltzer said. “Their role in booking may only be regarding those at the top,” Meltzer went on to say. McMahon and Prichard will also focus on “marketing, promotion, and direction.”

WWE NXT: News and Notes

The Tuesday night edition of WWE NXT was up in the ratings compared to last week’s show. According to Showbuzz Daily, the overnight ratings for NXT sat at 717,000 viewers, which was up from 685,000 last week. In the demo rating of 18-49, NXT pulled in a 0.17. That number was a slight increase from the 0.16 from last week’s program.

Last year NXT brought Halloween Havoc back as a themed episode of their weekly show, which had previously been used for the old WCW PPV events. Despite the rumored changes at the top of NXT, the Halloween Havoc theme is expected to be used once again in 2021. The most likely time frame would be to run the show in October. The matches will start to build during the live shows in September. Themed matches like Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal, and others should be expected.

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