WWE Superstars “Secretly” Reacted to CM Punk’s Return to Wrestling

The AEW has been making some major moves ever since the organization debuted in January of 2019. Since then, the league’s been racking up viewer ratings and exciting signings. While some pro wrestling fans have criticized AEW for basically “sniping” former WWE talent, it’s certainly helped Tony Khan’s organization to grow larger than any other wrasslin’ brand in recent years.

CM Punk’s return to action prompted a bunch of reactions from WWE superstars.

Well, the WWE superstars in question didn’t outright react to CM Punk’s return.

If you weren’t following the WWE during CM Punk’s tenure in the organization and all of its affiliated leagues from 2005 to 2014, then it’s a bit difficult to grasp the huge impact he had both inside and outside of the ring. Punk certainly wasn’t the most athletic wrestler in the business, nor did he possess a particularly impressive or intimidating physique.

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But there really hasn’t been someone in recent years who could captivate audiences on the “stick” as well as Punk could. The Chicago native retired from professional wrestling at the height of his career to go and fight in the UFC, which didn’t work out too well.

However, that didn’t seem to dim his star all that much: Punk’s return to the ring in AEW would become a top-trending YouTube video and Twitter topic.

Just look at the insane reaction from the Chicago crowd below; the city has always been a longtime supporter of the wrestler, so AEW knew exactly what they were doing with the “surprise” announcement.


Even top active WWE superstars indirectly shared their thoughts about Punk’s return, despite the fact that he works for what is essentially a rival organization.

There were also legends in the game like Mick Foley who have had nothing but praise for the talent.



There were so many reactions to Punk’s return and for the most part, they were overwhelmingly positive. People love the infectious energy of Punk upon his return to the ring with AEW. But there’s also the added element of a new and exciting league becoming a huge player in the sports entertainment space that just cannot be ignored.



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