X-Factor: Jason Owen’s ‘vile’ backlash online from baby news

A former reality TV star has hit back at trolls who told him to ‘never breed’ and that he was ‘selfish’ after announcing his wife was pregnant.

A former X-Factor contestant has been subject to “vile” abuse online after announcing he was soon going to be a father.

Jason Owen, 27, took to social media on Father’s Day to share the exciting news with his combined 137,000 followers that his wife Becy was 13 weeks pregnant with their first baby.

The country singer — who was the 2012 reality show runner-up — said the couple couldn’t wait to meet their baby in March 2022.

“Happy Father’s Day to all dads and I can’t wait to be one myself,” he posted.

While most people congratulated him, sadly the Wellington, NSW resident received harsh backlash from some people, telling him he should “never breed”.

One person wrote: “Why? What a wonderful world we live in now NOT! Selfish if you ask me. You both need to move over your own self obsession and think about the child’s life – not going to have much of one in a world like this”.

Another said: “What kind of people are you bringing a human into this world. World is a mess and you are happy about bringing your own so called – LOVED ONE – into it to suffer like the rest of us. Great job”.

It prompted Mr Owen to respond to the trolls, telling them to “get a life”.

“It’s idiots like YOU that make this world a terrible place at times. Covid is something we all have to deal with and vile comments are the last thing anyone needs,” he replied to one.

He told NCA NewsWire he felt a rush of anger when he saw the upsetting comments.

“It’s a terrible thing and I don‘t understand why people can be so nasty about it,” Mr Owen said.

“It upset Becy and me when it’s an exciting time in our lives but to think people tried to put that thought in our mind is horrendous and they’re idiots for doing that to us. We haven’t done anything wrong.

“My message to trolls is: go and get a life because it’s bloody ridiculous that you’re out there trolling people and getting enjoyment out of upsetting people.”

The recently married couple have been trying to fall pregnant for the past three years and finally did so on their honeymoon.

Because of the recent Covid-19 outbreak in NSW, Mr Owen said he couldn’t attend ultrasounds, or doctors appointments with his wife and was uncertain if he could even be in the room with Becy when she delivered the baby under current restrictions.

“One of the most joyful times of your life is seeing your baby born and depending on Covid-19, everything is in limbo. We just don’t know what it’s going to throw at us in the next six months.

“We’re hoping by the time the baby’s due, I’ll be able to go in … It’s not easy and these comments just escalate that.”

Mr Owen appeared on Season 4 of the Channel 7 reality show where he came second to Samantha Jade.

He recently released a single called Father and Son, a duet cover of the Cat Stevens song with James Blundell for his charity Doin’ It for Rural Aussie Kids.

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