Yellowstone Season 4 Fans Wonder About The Identity Of A Mystery Voice

Yellowstone Season 4 finally arrives on  Sunday, November 7 on Paramount, and none too soon, fans agree. Recall that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) plays a major role in the show and without him, it’s a bit pointless carrying on. However, initial teasers never showed him. After all, if he’s in it, what else could the show possibly show without spoiling it? Well, a more recent trailer reveals him, but it still brings a lot of mystery. At the end of the teaser, a mystery voice speaks out. So, fans wonder who it might be who threatened him.

Yellowstone Season 4 Teaser Creates More Mystery

Few teasers and spoilers came for the new season of the popular Paramount show. However, in the past weeks, something emerged. Of course, fans know that John Dutton got gunned down. And, they suspected that he survived. Mind you, things look dire in the new teaser that revealed he is in fact alive. After months of frustration waiting for the delayed premiere, fans still have to wait for a long time for the show. However, fans also enjoy speculating on each and every little snippet that they sniff out.

Yellowstone Season 4 spoilers marry up with the latest teaser. Recall, Cole Hauser, who portrays Rip Wheeler, hinted at serious revenge. Well, it certainly sounds like someone’s out for revenge and they’re not teasing it lightly. At the Deadlines Contenders Television event, Cole hinted that the first episode might be titled The Wrath of Rip. In the previous season, Rip’s beloved Beth ran into big trouble. And of course, the cause of the cliffhanger ending was Jamie’s discovery of his adoption and his biological father who was guiding him so that he can run the Dutton Ranch. Now fans consider if it might be the evil biological father of Jamie who utters threats in the teaser.

Yellowstone Season 4 Teaser – The Mystery Voice

Cartermatt reported that fans “saw a tiny bit more footage of what happens to John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as he is shot up and left for dead.” Well, it showed him looking pretty wrecked as he lay beside the car on the road. The teaser opens with someone saying, “Hey, you’re John Dutton aren’t ya?” Overhead, crows circle around, not a good sign that he’s likely to survive for long. However, does he get found by a friend or a foe?

Right at the end of the Yellowstone Season 4 teaser, someone out of sight says in a really sinister voice, “we’re at war, you and me.” Well, fans immediately started debating who could have said that. One fan commented on the YouTube trailer, “That voice is Jamie’s biological father.” Well, he apparently plays a big role in the new season, so that’s not out of the question. However, others disagree. One of them commented, “It’s Mo voice! And I think it’s Blue Thunder! And the Governor are in it together! Revenge every one (sic) wants Revenge!” Actually, Cartermatt agrees that it might be “Thomas Rainwater’s driver.”

Rip And Revenge?

Most fans agree that it’s not likely to be Rip, despite his vows of revenge. Cartermatt also stated that it is unlikely to be Roarke Morris or Jamie Dutton either. Mind you, a few fans commented that while it could be Mo, they listened again and think it was Jamie. However, others don’t believe he has it in him to sound so sinister. As one fan noted, “No I do not think it’s him! Too easy, they want us to think that? But they could surprise us! But Jamie couldn’t handle that at all! He would loose (sic) his mind for sure! If his real Father got revenge!

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