Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date: Releasing on Fathers day,2021?

American drama series Yellowstone has been coming up for the past 3 years on Fathers Day. The melodramatic storyline, talented cast, and beautiful backdrop have never been missed in entertaining us. The show revolves around the theme of conflicts happening across the bordering native reservations and national parks. It follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States.

Yellowstone season 4

The last 3 seasons were released on June 20, 2018; June 19, 2019; June 21, 2019, respectively, all on Fathers Day. Much before the release of Season 3, the show was renewed for the fourth season. Given that, the fans wonder whether they will be surprised with a fathers day premiere this year. So here is what we know.

Will Yellow stone premiere on Fathers Day 2021?

Going by the trend, everybody believed until now that the show would be releasing on Fathers Day, 2021. Still, unfortunately, the show hasn’t been listed in the upcoming schedule of Paramount Network.

Some analysts say this has been due to the Olympics as well as due to the Pandemic. We will not be observing any release for at least a month or so. But we do not need to worry as the lineup of episodes is already waiting to hit the screen, and we may have to wait for some time, but the release will be soon; in fact, we speculate the series will return later this summer or early fall. Also, Paramount+ will be streaming a prequel very soon.

Yellowstone Season 4 trailer?

There is no trailer as of now. And we expect it to release only a few weeks before the release.

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