You can book 11 days off this Christmas using just four days of annual leave

Many Brits have had a stressful year and haven’t been able to get away for the summer to unwind.

This means lots of workers are stressed and desperate for some downtime with our friends and loved ones – and, in case you didn’t notice, Christmas isn’t far away.

While it still feels like the beginning of 2021 Father Christmas will be here in just over 17 weeks.

Which means you’ll need to book your annual leave soon to ensure you bag the days you want.

And, if you’re savvy you can plan your time off so that you have 11 straight days of holiday using just four days of annual leave.

Here’s how to do it…

With the way that the bank holidays fall this year people who work Monday to Friday should book off December 24, 29, 30 and 31.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are on a weekend so the bank holidays are rolled over to December 27 and 28.

You can fully unwind this December

This also applies to New Year’s Day which is on a Saturday so the bank holiday is now on Monday, January 3, instead.


This means that by booking off the above four days you’ll be off work from December 24 to January 4 and you’ll only need to use up a minimal amount of leave.

If you want to up your break to an entire two weeks off then you can book off either December 21 to. 23 or January 3 to 7.

That will take your break up to 14 full days using just seven days of annual leave.

But, remember, you’ll need to get booking quickly to make sure another colleague doesn’t get in there first!

Make sure to book before your colleagues do
Make sure to book before your colleagues do

If you need some time off before Christmas then the end of this month also has a handily placed bank holiday.

HR Director Rachel Evans at the health and wellness brand,, explained: “By now, you should be getting the hang of how to make the most of your annual leave, and as it’s now August, you’re probably looking to get away and enjoy some hot weather abroad.

“Make the most of your time off by once again stretching four days of annual leave into nine consecutive days off.

“The summer bank holiday falls on Monday 30th of August, so you’ll be looking to take you time off from Tuesday 31st August to Friday 3rd September, giving you nine days away from your desk from 28th August to 5th September.”

Hurry! Book that leave!

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