You Can Copy Your Wife’s Words, But She Will Always Win!

One fine evening, a man decided to try to outsmart his wife by repeating whatever she would say. So, in an attempt to prevent his wife from finding reasons to fight with him, the man set out on a mission to make sure the day was his.

Contrary to the man’s belief, the wife actually came home in a very cheerful and jovial mood. She was, in fact, feeling a little affectionate towards her husband that she even gave him a forehead kiss upon approaching him in the living room. Seeing how her husband had spent the whole day alone at home, she asked him, “How was your day?”.

Trying to be witty and playful, the husband immediately replied, “How was your day?”. The confused wife took that question as a form of affection from her husband. She felt as if he cared enough to keep asking about her day as a top priority over his.

Delighted, the wife answered, “It was a really relaxing day at work. I feel good today, thank you. Have you had your lunch?”. As their eyes stayed fixated on each other, the husband replied teasingly, “Have you had your lunch?”.

Not understanding why her husband was acting this way, she went into a fiery at his behavior and demanded from him, “I am asking you.”Knowing the dangerous game he was playing, the man repeated in the same tone, “I am asking you.”

Finally, aware of her husband mimicking her, she hastily asked him, “Are you copying me?”. As usual, the husband replied, “Are you copying me?”.

At the point of checkmate, the witty wife approached the husband a little closer and said, “Let’s go shopping.” Outsmarted by a million to one, the husband hung his head and replied, “I had my lunch.”

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