You can get paid to go on luxury shopping sprees with a £5,000 spend limit

We all love a good shopping trip where we pick up treats and goodies for ourselves just after payday – although checking the bank afterwards can be painful!

But, if you’re a total shopaholic then you’ll be pleased to find out that you can actually be paid to go on luxury shopping sprees.

Hush Hush, an online luxury marketplace, is launching a brand new professional “spenders” scheme where they’ll pay you to shop until you’re dead on your feet.

They’re offering the opportunity as they want to find out how shopping sprees affect our bodies, reports Tyla.

Hush Hush wants to know how buying things impacts our heart rate and temperature without the issue of a price tag being in the way.

On top of letting you take home everything you buy, the retailer will also bestow a salary of £100 a day on the selected spenders.

You can shop until you drop – and get paid

As a pro shopper you’ll be given a pre-paid credit card to buy high-value goods, but you’ll need to have your mental and physical behaviour tracked.

So how does it all work?

Well, three members of the public will be given £5,000 each to spend over eight hours while wearing a heart rate monster. Before and after each purchase a medical professional with access and record your pupil dilation, body temperature, sweat and salivation levels.

The medic will be provided by Hush Hush and will accompany you on your shopping trip.

You’ll be required to fill out a psychological survey when you buy something and again a week later so that the marketplace can track your emotional and mental state.

Hush Hush hopes to find out whether “money can buy happiness”.

You get to keep everything you buy from bags to boots
You get to keep everything you buy from bags to boots

In order to be considered for the job you need to be over 18, have no pre-existing medical conditions that could affect the study or impact your health and safety when taking part.

You’ll also need to be able to travel or be based in a metropolitan area where you can access luxury shopping outlets.

No prior experience is needed (the less the better in fact as they need people who are not used to spending big chunks of money).

To apply just fill out this form and keep your fingers crossed.

What would you buy if you had £5,000? Tell us in the comments…

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