You could be paid £100 to go on a £5,000 shopping spree – and you get to keep EVERYTHING you buy

CALLING all shopaholics, you could be paid to go on an expensive shopping spree – and you’ll get to keep all of your purchases.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not.


A company is looking to pay you to shopCredit: Getty – Contributor

Shopping can give you a feeling like no other, as it is often credited as giving people a rush of dopamine, often referred to as a “shopper’s high”.

Now one company is on a mission to see exactly how a shopping spree can impact our bodies. So, in the name of science, they are willing to pay three people to splash the cash.

Hush Hush, an online luxury marketplace, is introducing a new “spenders” program to test how splurging affects factors like heart rate and temperature.


“We are now looking to recruit three members of the public to spend £5,000 over the course of eight hours whilst wearing a heart rate monitor,” they said.

“Before and after every purchase, an accompanying medical professional, provided by us, will access and record their pupil dilation, body temperature, sweat, and salivation levels.  

“Candidates will also be required to fill out a psychological survey at the time of purchase, and then again one week later, to ascertain their emotional and mental state and how this might develop over time.”

Participants will receive a prepaid credit card that can be used to purchase high-value items.

On top of being able to keep everything you purchase, you will also be paid £100 a day for your time.

Anyone interested in participating must be at least 18 years old and free of any medical issues that could affect the study’s findings – or their own health and safety.

It’s also vital that applicants live near luxury shopping centres – or have easy access to them via public transportation.

The Hush Hush team have also said that this will be better suited to those who aren’t used to spending big sums of money on material items. If you’re used to spending a lot of money at once, this one isn’t for you.

More details about the role and the application form can be found here.

Key requirements for the role:

  • Aged 18+ to be supplied with a prepaid credit card
  • Have no serious pre-existing medical conditions that could affect the results of the study, or impact their own personal health and safety.
  • Be able to travel to or based in a built-up metropolitan area, in order to take advantage of any local luxury shopping outlets.

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