‘You reap what you sow’: Farage roasted after complaining about the fuel crisis (and he was also hit by a van)

Nigel Farage is being comprehensively roasted for complaining about a crisis that many believe he had some role in creating.

Posting on Twitter, the former leader of the Brexit Party put his foot in it by moaning about petrol shortages (which many have said Brexit contributed to by creating stricter immigration rules that have caused some people to leave the country).

He then announced that he had also been hit by a van. Some day.

It comes as people continue to stock up on petrol after the supply-chain was affected by a shortfall in drivers – due in part to a backlog of tests that built up during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as those leaving the UK due to Brexit.

Ministers said they expected the situation to improve further and have called in the army to support them, with the first troops driving tankers expected to appear on the roads “in the next couple of days”.

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But reacting to Farage noticing that a petrol shortage is quite inconvenient, people had their head in their hands:

Who wants to be the one to tell Farage that that post-Brexit trade deal with the US isn’t going as well as he may have liked?


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