‘Young and the Restless’ This Week: Nick Explodes on Jack

Young and the Restless this week sees Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) raging at Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) over his declaration of love. Meanwhile, a blackmailer might get a giant payday – more than he anticipated. Look at what’s brewing this week in Genoa City on Y&R on CBS daytime.

Young and the Restless This Week: Jack Abbott Cornered – Nick Newman Loses it Completely

For the most part on Y&R, viewers know Nick Newman is happy-go-lucky but he snaps on Jack Abbott. Recall, he told Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) that he still wants and loves her. Then, Jack regrets it and decides to tell Nick, which is bizarre. It’s not clear what Jack Abbott hoped for by confessing, but the other guy goes nuclear.

On Young and the Restless, spoilers this week have Nick accusing the other man of trying to ruin his relationship with Phyllis. However, Jack insists he wasn’t trying to steal his woman. However, he will not take that at face value and screams at Jack, asking what’s wrong with him. If he didn’t still want Red, why even bring it up on Y&R?

Then, Phyllis shows up on Young and the Restless to demand that Nick Newman back off of her other ex-hubby. Will she tell her boyfriend she’s part of the problem because she keeps dropping by to see Jack? Plus, both Nick and his sweetie realize lately that their relationship is on auto-pilot and might be more about what’s easy than deep love. Is this the “Phick” breaking point?

Y&R Week Ahead: Ashland Locke Blackmailer Hits Huge Payday?

Also this week on Young and the Restless, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) meets with his blackmailer who’s been texting him non-stop. It now seems this isn’t some unknown party making vague threats. Ashland knows exactly who this man is – a skeevy lawyer from New York named Jesse Gaines (Jamison Jones).

It turns out Ash has been paying this guy hush money for years, we’ll see on Young and the Restless. Episodes next week reveal why Jesse suddenly wants a lump sum. He read that Ashland is dying and knows he can’t get money from a dead man. So, he demands $3 million for silence to take the secret to Ashland’s grave.

However, Young and the Restless viewers know the Newmans and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) are all chasing dirt on Ash. Y&R updates hint that Jesse might get lucrative offers from Billy and also from Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Both sides want to know what Victoria Newman‘s (Amelia Heinle) fiance is still hiding.

See Young and the Restless this week to discover if Ashland is outed before long. And if Nick Newman’s romance with Phyllis survives coming days thanks to Jack Abbott’s emotional declaration to her. Will Nick’s attack be what triggers Phyllis to choose her older ex on Y&R? Soap Dirt reported before that Jack and Nick would go head to head.


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