Young girl melts hearts at restaurant with sweet note on napkin – and spelling apology

A young girl has touched the hearts of staff at an Italian restaurant after penning a sweet thank you note on her napkin after enjoying a meal out with her family

CAPTION: Young girl leaves note thanking servers at restaurant
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Last Friday (August 20), a little girl named Georgie visited Castello Italian restaurant with her family in Yeovil, Somerset.

She had such a wonderful time there, eating spaghetti, that she decided to leave the staff a thank you note to share just how much she had enjoyed her visit.

The servers were touched to find Georgie’s message on a napkin as they cleaned up the table after the family had paid and left.

In her neatest handwriting, the younger had written: “To the waitresses and waiters, thank you for being so lovely and giving us our yummy food!

“I loved my sphaggeti [sic] (I think that’s how you spell it), you are very nice and you definitely get a 5-star rating from me! Lots of love, Georgie (the short blonde girl).”

She wrote the message on her napkin



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Underneath her message at the bottom of the napkin, Georgie also thanked the staff for the “lollypop” and added, “This is a tip” – drawing an arrow pointing towards the monetary tip her mother had left.

Castello’s general manager Jonny Zhejani, 29, who found the note while cleaning the table, said it had “meant a lot” to him and the other employees.

He said: “It means a lot to us because we have been working very hard to make up for the last six months while hospitality has been closed.

“She was a very happy little girl, and very excited to be out for dinner. Her mum said that she had been very excited when they had booked to come here for dinner.”

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He continued: “She was no older than six years old, but she was very, very polite.

“I took their orders and served them, and when I checked whether the food was okay, she was very happy – they all were.

“At the end, she said thank you for a lovely evening, and that she will be back soon.”

Jonny added: “I’ve been working in hospitality for nine years, but this was the first time I’ve had a young child do something like this.

“It was very sweet.”

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