Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Opens up About Luke’s Infidelity, Pregnancy Confession (Exclusive)

Kayla Sessler’s DMs have been “crazy” after the new Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant preview, which ends with the 22-year-old telling the camera, “So I’m pregnant again.” After the bombshell trailer, Sessler opened up to before the new Young & Pregnant season kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 7 on MTV, sharing more about her journey this season, including dealing with infidelity from fiancé Luke Davis.  

The reality personality, who shares daughter Ariah, 2, with Davis, and son Izaiah, 3, with ex Stephan Alexander, wouldn’t disclose if she was still pregnant or who the father of the unborn baby in the trailer was, teasing that people would have to “tune in to find out about that pregnancy.” While people have been messaging her nonstop about what’s going on, Sessler confessed she’s “feeling vulnerable” about what fans are going to see this season as she and Davis take on couples therapy to handle his past infidelity. 

“It was very hard,” she admitted. “Unfortunately, it happened a while ago and I’m just now opening up about it.” When it comes to why Sessler felt like exposing her problems with Davis now on MTV when she previously kept it a secret, she responded, “I think just being on TV and trying to hold secrets — it never works. … I signed up for reality [TV], so I feel like I have to give [the viewers] the good, the bad and the ugly.”

“I hope social media can be kind, but they never are,” she continued, saying that the biggest lesson she learned from this season is to put herself first and find a new identity for this stage of her life. “I feel like I kind of lost myself in my relationship,” she told PopCulture. 

When it comes to past relationships, Sessler said Izaiah’s father “still has not seen” him since he was a year old. “We leave Stephen behind where he belongs, which is in the past,” the young mother said, adding she was “100%” happy to leave him there. Don’t miss Sessler’s story on the brand new season of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, returning Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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