Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You’re A Cancer


There are a few shades that Now Let’s Get Going says Cancers should try to steer clear of. The first one, burgundy, isn’t a staple in most people’s wardrobe, except perhaps around Thanksgiving when they may feel compelled to match the season’s cranberry sauce. The second one, black, is a different story. It’s the one color that’s nearly impossible for any sign to avoid. No worries, Cancer! Go ahead and hang on to those black pants and skirts and shoes, but maybe pair them with a top in one of your signature shades. If you’re reluctant to part with that sexy little black dress, though, consider adding an eye-catching accent in your sign’s colors, like maybe some dramatic turquoise jewelry in a silver setting or a pretty sea-green and white patterned scarf.

When you’re choosing wardrobe pieces in your Cancer palette, don’t forget texture, as well. Cancer is drawn to light, breezy pieces that flow and ripple like waves on the water.

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