Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You’re An Aries

Not as downright sprightly as yellow, but not as deeply passionate and fiery as cherry red, Aries feel right at home in rust and blood-orange. As juicy as Aries’ secret love of gossip (they have to let go sometimes), deep orange hues fit the ram’s warm, vibrant personality perfectly. Now Let’s Get Going cites rust and copper as the best representation of Aries’ planet Mars, which gives this sign its impulsivity, independence, desire for action, honesty, and yes, their temper that flares up like flames every now and then (via Sun Signs). Aries can pay homage to their red-orange planet by wearing all its most evocative hues.

As per Allure, Aries are known for their “direct” approach, signaling what they like and dislike as clearly as a tangerine traffic cone. Plus, this youthful sign will always live their life with “blind optimism,” represented by high-spirited, electrifying orange. The Good Trade describes orange as the shade of “enthusiasm,” “happiness,” and “energy,” which goes perfectly with Aries’ confident, positive disposition (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Aries are acutely represented by “vibrant and attention-grabbing” fire-orange and pumpkin, which will make this sign tap into their natural people skills and charisma. If Aries are already major social butterflies, this color will make them even more extroverted than they already are.

Wear the most energetic color by trying out a rust leather belt with a vintage gold buckle, a satin copper dress, or a bright tangerine t-shirt for summer.

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