Your favourite handbag could be lethal for your baby

WHEN it comes to parenting there are plenty of things to think about, but did you know there’s a whole host of dangerous objects in your home that could be a risk to your baby?

Every day items like your handbag or even that handy nappy sack come with their risks, with experts revealing just how important it is to baby proof your home to ensure your little one’s safety.


An expert has revealed the six most dangerous items in the house that could pose a risk to your babyCredit: Getty
Hot drinks could cause potential burns if left within reach


Hot drinks could cause potential burns if left within reachCredit: Getty

Gigi Jacob, an expert at Daisy First Aid and speaker at this year’s The Baby Show event, has revealed the six most dangerous items in every home that parents need to know about.

So, take this as your cue to make a note and stash those risk-filled objects out of reach…


Yes, you read right. While you might adore your favourite handbag, often it can contain a whole host of potentially dangerous items, including medication, vapes, coins, perfumes and sanitizer. 

It’s very easy for us to leave our handbags on the floor and babies, who are just starting to crawl, or toddlers can get right in there and have a look. 

Placing bags in higher positions or “out of sight” will help prevent those little hands getting a hold of them.


Button batteries can be found in remote controls, watches, thermometers, key fobs and of course children’s toys.

As well as it being a choking hazard, more commonly when these batteries are swallowed the battery can start to burn the inside of the body particularly around the throat area. 

The saliva and battery create a chemical that is the same chemical that unblocks drains. Unfortunately, there are no obvious signs that a battery has been swallowed, but damage can happen in as little as two hours. 


These can be found on notice boards, fridge magnets, jewellery making kits, magnetic balls from building kits and kids have been known to swallow them.

Again, if swallowed the magnets can become attracted to each other and cut off blood supply. Really strong magnets can even burn through a gut and create holes.

While there are no obvious signs when a magnet has been swallowed, you might find that your child has stomach pains, vomiting and unable to hold anything down. 


These can get as hot as an iron and can still burn 15 minutes after they’ve been switched off. 

There are still many of us that leave these items unattended to cool down and it’s so very easy for our children to grab them and burn themselves. 

If this should happen, cool the burn down with cool running water for 20 minutes. If any clothing or jewellery is involved try to remove it as quickly as possible but if it starts to stick to the skin just leave it. To protect a burn use clingfilm (don’t wrap burn just place over the area) or a clean plastic bag.

When it comes to children their skin is usually very delicate and soft, so do get it looked at in A&E especially if it is something that you cannot manage.


It’s said kids most at risk are curious eight to 18-months old children who love to reach out and grab objects they shouldn’t.

Hot drinks are a risk even when they’ve been left on the side for 15 minutes, as the liquid can still burn a child.

Make sure you do not carry a hot drink when you’re holding a small baby and also be mindful about coffee holders on pushchairs which could accidentally get knocked and potentially fall on the child. If they get burnt follow the advice shared above.


Nappy sacks may come in real handy when it comes to changing a baby and getting rid of its dirty nappy, but they too come with risks.

They’re usually an essential stashed in changing bags, but could potentially suffocate a child if they were to reach in and grab one and put it towards their face.

Nappy sacks are very thin and can cling to a baby’s face – younger babies naturally tend to grasp things and put it towards their mouths, they can end up sucking the bag in and it could cause them to suffocate.

So, here’s your reminded to ensure your nappy sacks are always zipped away out of reach.

The Baby Show, the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting event, takes place from Friday 22nd until Sunday 24th October.

Hairdryers and hair straighteners can stay hot after use and could cause burns


Hairdryers and hair straighteners can stay hot after use and could cause burnsCredit: Alamy
Magnets on the back of fridge magnet could come loose and if swallowed can cause serious complications


Magnets on the back of fridge magnet could come loose and if swallowed can cause serious complicationsCredit: Alamy

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