Your iPhone has hidden alarms that aren’t as ‘triggering’ as the default tone

Your iPhone has a feature known as Bedtime that allows you to take control of your sleep schedule. Besides helping you drift off to sleep, it also helps you wake up peacefully, with no more rude awakenings

If there’s one thing that unites all iPhone users, it’s the terrifying default alarm sound.

‘Radar’ is the cruel reminder that it’s time to start your day, whether you’re ready to or not.

If that sound sends shivers down your spine, you’ll be pleased to know that your device has a ‘secret section’ with much more pleasant alarm sounds that might just stop you from wanting to “punch everything,” as one iPhone user said.

The iPhone Bedtime sleep feature allows you to set the amount of time that you want to sleep each night, reminds you when it’s time for bed and helps you wind down too.

But more importantly, it wakes you up gently.

There are nine much nicer alarms to choose from


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To find the Bedtime feature, head to your iPhone’s Health app, click “Browse” and then “Sleep”.

Select the “Set Up Sleep” button and follow the instructions.

After you decide how many hours of sleep you want to get each night, the app will recommend a bedtime and wake-up alarm.

It allows you to set up a “Wind Down” phase for your phone, which helps to reduce screen time and help you to relax before bed.

But onto the most important part – how to choose a less triggering alarm.

To do this, click “Full Schedule & Options”, then “Edit” and finally “Sounds & Haptics”, where you’ll be able to browse the nine Sleep alarm options.

And what makes this much a nicer experience than turning on your regular alarm is that these sounds gradually get louder and louder until you’re awake.

Early Riser is the default Sleep alarm sound and it’s much more peaceful than the widely detested ‘Radar’ noise.

iPhone users often vent about ‘Radar’ on Twitter, where one person said: “The iPhone default alarm is jarring as f**k and so loud.”

Another wrote: “I have real beef with the default iPhone alarm sound.”

A third commented: “The iPhone default alarm sound is literally a trauma trigger at this point.”

Someone else said: “The sound of the iPhone default alarm makes me wanna punch everything when it goes off.”

But now, those blaring alarms are a thing of the past.

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