You’re Probably Not Mopping Your Floors Enough. Here’s How To Know

Beyond killing germs, mopping once a week will also extend the life of your floors. The Spruce explains that applying a protective layer and removing debris frequently helps preserve the finish while defending it against common stressors. This debris can damage the floor over time — especially if it sits for too long. Even though you may think you know how to mop, there are a few tips that can make it much easier and more effective.

First off, fill two bucks. One bucket is for the cleaning solution and the second is a rinsing bucket for the dirty water. Think about it: why would you wash your floors with the same liquid that just came off of them? The outlet notes that a sink can also double as your rinsing station as well. Furthermore, when it comes time to choose the cleaning solution, avoid products labelled “mop and shine”. The Spruce explains that these can leave residue that yellows with time.

From here, mop with your back facing the doors of the room to avoid tracking back over the area you just cleaned. After you apply a layer of cleaning solution, rinse your mop off and go over it with just water to remove the soap. If you notice either bucket water looking darker or filled with debris, switch it out before continuing.

Martha Stewart recommends washing your mophead immediately after use to ensure that the bacteria doesn’t spread. Rinse the item in hot soapy water in a bucket or utility sink — not the kitchen sink — and then hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

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