YouTuber Shane Dawson panics after getting locked out as tornado hits

YouTuber Shane Dawson accidentally locked himself out of his house after receiving a tornado warning to get to his basement. Dawson’s fiance Ryland Adams was out at the time, leaving Dawson in a panicked state.

Adam’s video was posted on his vlog account and mainly covers their recent move to Colorado with a welcome party and showing off their new house.

However, the tone of the video quickly turns sour when Dawson recounts how he got himself locked out of their house after receiving a tornado warning.

The video segment starts with a clip of Adams talking about their moving truck arriving with their stuff, explaining away the bare state of the house.

Instagram: Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams recently moved to Colorado. Adams is originally from the state.

We then switch to later in the day with Dawson receiving an emergency text message telling him to get to the basement or shelter fast. Dawson says his reaction was to say “oh my god.”

With dramatic music playing over the clip, we see Dawson lock himself out of the house and start to panic. Dawson said the previous owner of the house then texted him to say “I know you’re not from here but you need to get to the basement.”

Dawson went on to say that the previous owner sent him a map of the area and the level of risk from tornados. Dawson says that the area where they live was “black” or the “deepest red ever” indicating a very high risk.

The YouTuber explains that the previous owner called him to check in when Dawson explained the situation. Dawson asked if there was a shelter in the barn or whether he should break a window.

The previous owner, according to Dawson, advised he do just that after looking at the map again. The video then cuts back to Dawson locked outside the house where he says, “this is officially not funny anymore. Ryland is at the store….and I’m having people in the area texting me telling me I need to get in the basement.”

Topic starts at 21:43

Luckily for Dawson, it appears Adams arrived in time with the clip moving to both Dawson and Adams in the basement with their dogs with the video then cutting out.

Part of Colorado sits in an area known as “Tornado Alley” where most of the tornadoes that land in the United States occur. Around 1274 tornadoes land in the US every year over the past decade with the most severe being in Tornado Alley.

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