Youtuber Steven Schapiro Tips $500 To A Barber For Snipping One Piece Of Hair

We’ve all fantasized about magically stumbling upon a few hundred bucks. Maybe we could finally pay off that credit card bill. Maybe we’d fix that weird noise our car’s been making for a few weeks.

But one lucky hairdresser never would have guessed that her dream would come true by simply snipping one piece of hair.

‘It’s Called… Haircutstriopia’

As Youtuber Steven Schapiro sat down in a GreatCuts barber shop chair, he explained to his hairdresser, Tiffany, that he had a phobia of haircuts.

“It’s called…haircutstriopia,” Schapiro improved. He said that his phobia has caused him to leave his (very short) hair longer than usual.

“You think that’s long?” The hairdresser laughed. Tiffany smiled and assured him she’d been doing hair for twenty years.

‘I’m Not Even Going To Charge You For That’

With comb and shears in hand, Tiffany started trimming a single piece of Schapiro’s hair. After that first snip, Schapiro said, “Oh, perfect!”

An incredulous Tiffany looked at Schapiro and said, “That’s all you came here for? Like, I don’t have to do nothing else?”

“I’m not even going to charge you for that,” she continued. Then, the two banter back and forth about whether or not he had to pay her.

‘You’re Really Giving Me Hundreds For A Snip Snip?’

After Tiffany insisted that she wouldn’t charge for the haircut, Schapiro offered to tip instead. He pulled out a hundred-dollar bill and handed it to Tiffany.

“Shut your face!” Tiffany cried. “Not enough?” Schapiro asked, handing her another hundred.

“Stop! It’s enough! You’re really giving me hundreds for a snip snip? You’re joking. Is this counterfeit money?” Tiffany (understandably) asked.

But Schapiro reassured her it was, in fact, legal tender. He even rushed out to his car to get more cash as Tiffany went on Facebook Live to share her mind-boggling experience.

‘You Really Did Just Come Down From Heaven As An Angel’

Eventually, Tiffany’s surprised excitement turned to tearful gratitude. “Let me tell you the blessing that you are right now,” Tiffany said.

She embraced Schapiro. “I seriously needed my rent money.” Tiffany cried into Schapiro’s shoulder. “See the angel right here,” Tiffany spoke to her Facebook Live feed. “This man gave me $600 for a two-second haircut! And I needed my rent money! Oh my god, I love him so much!”

Once he left Tiffany’s shop, Schapiro continued handing hundreds of dollars to more strangers he met. Some were other hairdressers, and others were alone on the sidewalk.

In short, Schapiro describes himself as a “goofy guy making videos” on his Youtube channel. But in these moments, he was more than that.

Indeed, for a lot of these folks—Tiffany included—he’s a miracle maker.


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