You’ve been chopping onions wrong this whole time

YOU have been chopping onions wrong this whole time – and that’s ok.

Let us teach you how it’s truly done.


A DIY expert revealed how to chop an onion easilyCredit: TikTok/Kelly Bazzle
This ensured similar cuts throughout


This ensured similar cuts throughoutCredit: TikTok/Kelly Bazzle

Kelly Bazzle, who shares DIY videos on her social media platform, posted a video where she revealed the right way to cut up some onions.

The TikTok star proceeded to peel her onion and cut off the ends to have it sit on her cutting table.

Tucking her fingers into the onion, she then sliced the onion across and down, making sure to not sink her knife in too deeply and cut the whole way.

Once she had created her design, she cut off “slices” of the onion, little square pieces spreading on the wooden table.

She revealed this is the perfect method to chop onions for chilis and soups, but you can use it for any meal that requires chopped onions.

A savvy mom had previously also shared the proper way of cutting green beans without making a mess.

The hack was shared to the TikTok account ‘Twinklparents’ with the caption ‘Scissors aren’t just for pizza’.

The video said: “Is this genius or offensive?”

The video sees the woman holding the packet of green beans, unopened.

We then see her use kitchen scissors to cut along the top of the bag, cutting off the tops of the green beans.

It’s done in seconds and is the ultimate time-saver.

Long are the days of taking ages to line up the beans in a straight line to get the perfect cut…

And with this hack, you’ll have no chopping board and knife to wash up.

It's perfect for soups and chili recipes


It’s perfect for soups and chili recipesCredit: TikTok/Kelly Bazzle

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