You’ve been chopping peppers wrong – foodie’s hack does job much quicker

Cooking does not come naturally to a lot of us – especially when it comes to chopping up veg.

Luckily, one woman has saved the day by revealing the correct way to cut up bell peppers.

TikTok user @wellbymel_ came to the rescue with her handy trick to cut up the vegetable without seeds going everywhere.

Mel Spinella, who often shares nutritional content to her 100,000 TikTok followers, grabbed a yellow pepper and placed it on its head.

Once bumps on the bottom faced upwards, she cuts down the lines of the bumps creating four equal pieces of veg.

All that is left to do is chop off the pieces and dispose of the seeds.

Mel demonstrates how to cut a bell pepper with ease
(Image: @wellbymel_/TikTok)

And there you have it, your pepper is ready to eat!

The viral video has now racked up a whopping 18.9 million views and has picked up 1.4 million likes.

People rushed to the comments to thank Mel for sharing her life changing pepper hack.

One person commented: “So I started this and it wastes nothing. My go to now.”

Another user added: “I’ve been doing this since seeing this video and I’m loving it!”

yellow bell peppers
How easy was that!
(Image: @wellbymel_/TikTok)

A third person noted: “I will never cut peppers the same again. This is great.”

And someone else said: “I’m sorry WHAT. I’ve eaten so many bell peppers in my life and I never knew it was this easy. I’m gonna show this to my dad .”

Let us know in the comments if you knew how to cut a pepper this way!


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