You’ve been cooking porridge wrong – foodie says you should make it in slow cooker

Now the weather is getting colder, porridge is the perfect warming and nutritional breakfast to have during autumn and winter.

However, before you start preparing your next bowl, you may be interested to hear that a foodie says you’ve been making it wrong.

Food expert Rebecca Wilson told Daily Star that she prepares her porridge in a slow cooker if she wants it for the next morning.

Many people are frantic in the mornings as they try to get organised for work or get the kids ready for school.

This means fitting in a warn and nutritious breakfast can be hard.

Food expert Rebecca Wilson recommended cooking porridge overnight in a slow cooker

However, Rebecca said that putting porridge in the slow cooker the night before means it’s ready and waiting for you in the morning.

She told us: “One of my favourite slow cooker recipes is breakfast porridge.

“I put all the ingredients in it the night before and then put it on low before I go to bed.

“And that’s it – breakfast is ready in the morning!

“It’s really good for those who have a busy morning or are on the work/school run as it gives you an extra 10 minutes in bed.”

Slow cooker
She said it’ll save you 10 minutes in the morning

Rebecca Wilson's book Family Comforts
Rebecca’s new book Family Comforts is out now

Porridge recipes are known to be very simple, as you can make it with just porridge oats and milk or water.

However, foodie and author Rebecca, who boasts 480,000 followers on her Instagram account, recommended putting cinnamon in it for autumn and winter, saying it will leave a “yummy” smell in your kitchen if it’s been in the slow cooker overnight.

Rebecca’s tip came as she releases new book Family Comforts – which is already been on Amazon’s best seller list.

This features quick-cook snacks and midweek meal ideas that can be prepared in minutes.

Also included in the cookbook is other tasty breakfast ideas, such as cinnamon breakfast buns and lemon and poppyseed sheet pan pancakes.

All the recipes are low in both salt and sugar but “full in flavour”, according to Rebecca.

She says: “The recipes are all suitable for tots who are from months old, but you don’t have to have children to enjoy the recipes – they’re perfect for anyone!”

The online influencer is also the author of Sunday Times Bestseller What Mummy Makes.

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