You’ve been cooking roast potatoes wrong – foodie says you shouldn’t parboil them

Everyone loves a good roast potato or five, especially with their Sunday dinner.

However, many get confused on what is the ‘right’ method to produce the best tatties.

Well, food expert Rebecca Wilson has had her view by sharing her top tips for crispy roast potatoes with Daily Star.

Author and food expert Rebecca, who boasts 480,000 followers on her Instagram account, recommended not to parboil potatoes, but to boil them until they are “pretty much cooked”.

She told us: “When cooking your roast potatoes, make sure you boil them until they’re pretty much cooked – don’t parboil them.

“This will give them a soft texture.”

Many people go in search of the ‘perfect’ method to cook roasties

Continuing on with her method, she added: “You should then drain them and let them sit for a little bit as this lets the moisture evaporate.

“Give the colander a firm shake as this makes the edges go all crispy.

“Then coat them in hot oil and make sure you turn them over a couple of times in the oven.

“This will make them really golden and yummy.”

Rebecca’s full recipe for her roasties is in new book Family Comforts – which is already been on Amazon’s best seller list.

Rebecca Wilson's book Family Comforts
Rebecca’s full recipe for her roasties is in new book Family Comforts

In the book, she recommends goose fat, sunflower oil or olive oil is used for the roasties.

Rebecca also suggests “all-rounder” potatoes are used, such as Kind Edward, Maris Piper or Rooster Potatoes.

Talking about her tattoos, Rebecca said: “I’ve had nothing but good feedback from my roast potatoes.”

We can’t wait to try them!

Rebecca’s Family Comforts book features quick-cook snacks and midweek meal ideas that can be prepared in minutes.

It also has delicious bakes and family treats that are low in both salt and sugar but “full in flavour”, according to Rebecca.

She says: “The recipes are all suitable for tots who are from months old, but you don’t have to have children to enjoy the recipes – they’re perfect for anyone!”

The influencer is also the author of Sunday Times Bestseller What Mummy Makes.

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