You’ve been cooking scrambled eggs wrong – Michelin-trained chef shares top tips

Scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple in many British households.

But while they may look easy to whip up, there are plenty of mistakes home cooks can make.

Overcooking leads to a rubbery texture while over-scrambling can make the eggs taste more like porridge.

Thankfully, a Michelin-trained chef has revealed her top tips to improve your brekkie making skills.

Nyesha Arrington, who appeared on Bravo TV show Top Chef, says you should always strain your eggs before cooking them.

Her other tips include seasoning to perfection, keeping your pan on a low heat and not moving it around too much.

Nyesha Arrington shared her top tips for cooking scrambled eggs

Nyesha told Mashed: “Scramble the eggs, and then strain them because the albumin has a higher water content to it. So it doesn’t dissolve.

“You really want to strain out any bits like that so you get a really smooth, beautiful texture.”

Once your eggs are in the pan, you can season them with “flaky salt” to bring out all the flavours.

Then, the chef revealed: “I put in just like a tiny splash of cream and whisk it. That’s really beautiful.”

After you’ve added the cream to make the dish rich and creamy, it’s time to “turn the heat down very, very, very low”.

Nyesha Arrington
Nyesha recommends cooking the eggs low and slow

Nyesha warns against moving the eggs around too much with a spatula.

She explained: “I like a little bit of a ribbon, you don’t want it to be too scrambled.”

Just before the eggs look cooked, it’s time to turn the pan off.

The residual heat will finish the job without overdoing it.

Now all that’s left is to garnish your breakfast according to personal taste.

Some of the chefs favourite additions are chives, crème fraîche, and flaky salt – so will you be giving her method a go?

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