You’ve been cutting green beans wrong – epic scissor hack leaves viewers stunned

A mum has wowed viewers with an impressive scissors hack to save time on cutting green beans.

The parent posted two useful cooking hacks that could save time in the kitchen when it comes to cooking meals.

In one of the videos shared onto the TikTok account of Twinklparents, the mum reveals another good use for a pair of scissors – to cut green beans.

Rather than picking the beans up one by one, the smart parent uses the tool to cut the ends while opening the packaging.

Once she slices it through, the ends come off in a clean cut and she can wipe them all off the table and throw them to the bin.

The mum shared a faster way to cut the ends of the green beans in a TikTok video

In the caption, she jokingly asked: “Is this genius or offensive?”

Viewers were stunned after realising just how effective the hack could be.

One said: “This is so clever! This is gonna save me so much time.”

“You’ve done it again! Can you just tag me in every video please? I’ve learnt more from you than I have from my mum,” a second wrote.

She cut the beans along with the plastic wrapping
She cut the beans along with the plastic wrapping

A chef commented that they have been using a knife to do the same trick for years.

But others had a different view, saying it’s not safe to use scissors on food.

“It is stupid,” one blasted. “Cutting food along with plastic! Plastic is a carcinogenic substance.”

“Still have to re-do beans that are missed. So better to just use a knife.”

The beans are cut neatly and ready to cook
The beans are cut neatly and ready to cook

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The debate raged again after she posted another video using a pair of scissors to cut the pizza before putting it in the oven.

She said it was useful to make a “half and half pizza” with two different flavours.

But she was hit by comments that said “scissors are not for food”.


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