You’ve been cutting your beans all wrong

DO YOU hate the faff of cooking and cutting up veg?

If you can’t stand having to chop up all of your vegetables and then having to wash up your chopping board and knife, as well as having to wipe down the kitchen side, here is a hack for you.


Long are the days of spending ages cutting up your green beansCredit: Getty

Cutting the ends of green beans is one of the worst culprits for taking up time and making a mess, but with this hack, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

The hack was shared to the TikTok account ‘Twinklparents’ with the caption ‘Scissors aren’t just for pizza’.

The video said: “Is this genius or offensive?”

The video sees the woman holding the packet of green beans, un-opened.

We then see her use kitchen scissors to cut along the top of the bag, cutting off the tops of the green beans.

It’s done in seconds and is the ultimate time-saver.

Long are the days of taking ages to line up the beans in a straight line to get the perfect cut…

And with this hack you’ll have no chopping board and knife to wash up.

It’s a win-win, right?!

Clearly the hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 109.4k views, after only being posted for two days (at the time of writing).


It has 3,585 likes, 120 comments and 92 shares.

Many praised the hack and called it ‘genius’.

One person said: “Wow this is gunna save me soo much time.”

Another added: “You’ve done it again…!!! Can you just tag me in every video please? I’ve learnt more from you than I have from my own mum.”

A third commented: “Genius. Thank you for the idea.”

However, not everyone was as pleased with the quick hack.

One person commented: “Still have to redo the beans that are missed. So better to just use a knife.”

Another said: “Personally I am deeply offended that you would use scissors to cut the tops of beans!”

A third added: “I use a knife as it’s quicker but same premise.”

Many TikTok users were seriously impressed with this genius hack


Many TikTok users were seriously impressed with this genius hackCredit: TikTok/@twinklparents

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