You’ve been eating cupcakes wrong your whole life

WHILE definitely delicious, cupcakes can be a bit of a mess to eat.

Trying to eat the baked good without getting icing all over your mouth and nose can prove to be difficult, especially for children.


Cupcakes can be a mess to eat but this simple hack will help thatCredit: Getty

And with some cupcakes having more than the usual smear of frosting on top, it can be a struggle to fit your mouth around.

Thankfully one Instagram account has shared how you can eat a cupcake without any of the usual mess – and you don’t need a fork.

The account shared a photo of the technique with the caption: “There’s no going back.”


All you have to do is remove the paper case from the cupcake before gently tearing the cake in half, removing a layer from the bottom.

The part of the cake that has been torn off should then be turned over and placed over the top of the icing.

This then creates a delicious little sandwich, with the icing now being the filling.

If you want to ensure you get no crumbs on yourself, you can use a knife to cut into it instead.

The idea has impressed thousands, with people tagging their friends and sharing their thoughts in the comments.

“This is how you should eat birthday cupcakes,” one person said.

“Life has just been upgraded,” said another.

Others simply labelled it a ‘game changer’.

While the tactic impressed man, others said they have been eating cupcakes this way for ‘years’.

“I’ve literally been doing this for 15 years,” someone wrote.

All you need to do is tear the cupcake in half and place one half on top of the other


All you need to do is tear the cupcake in half and place one half on top of the otherCredit: Instagram

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