You’ve been making mashed potato wrong…this way gets the perfect creamy mash without the faff

US BRITS love a bit of mashed potato, don’t we?!

You can’t go wrong with some mashed up spuds.


One TIkTok user has shared how she makes her mashed potatoCredit: TikTok/legglauren91

Unless people have secret techniques to make their mashed potatoes, the most common way to get your spuds mashed is to boil them in water and then using a potato masher to get them smooth.

But one TikTok user doesn’t use water to cook her potatoes and has shared her hack for making the best mash.

TikTok user ‘legglauren91’ posted her hack with the caption ‘Anything for less dishes. Thanks sis’.

Lauren’s technique involves cooking her spuds in milk, rather than water.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Lauren said: “Making mashed potatoes in milk instead of water.

“The potatoes absorb it anyway so why not…

“Less dishes.

“And it’s soo good.”

But using milk to cook her potatoes is not the only thing that Lauren is doing differently to the typical method of making mash.


Instead of using a potato masher, she uses an electric whisk to blitz up the potatoes.

Our minds are blown…

The final product looks super creamy and we will definitely be giving this technique a go.

Clearly her mash technique has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 26.9k views.

The video has 139.2k likes, 721 comments and 2,941 shares.

One person said: “Good tip thank you lol.”

Another added: “This makes more sense! Gonna try it this way next time. Thank you.”

A third commented: “Best ways to make it babe.”

The finished result looks delicious


The finished result looks deliciousCredit: TikTok/legglauren91

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