You’ve been making sandwiches all wrong

WHILE sandwiches are an easy-to-prepare lunch option, they can often be an absolute mess to eat.

Thankfully one person has revealed the genius way that they prepare the lunch option – and it means nothing falls out as you devour it.


A Twitter user has shown how they prepare their sandwichesCredit: Twitter/@lantern_utp
The technique means there is absolutely no mess while eating


The technique means there is absolutely no mess while eatingCredit: Twitter/@lantern_utp

Twitter user @lantern_utp came up with the technique after being sick of having food fall out of the sandwiches they’d eat.

They posted photos online of the step-by-step guide, proving just how easy it is to follow.

To begin, you need to arrange four slices of ham onto a piece of bread so that about half of each piece is on the bread and half is hanging off the sides.


Once that is done, you want to place your filling in the centre of the ham and bread – this Twitter user used egg salad – before folding up the outer halves of the ham.

Finally, add the other piece of bread on top and your filling will be wrapped up in a nice little package.

The Twitter user was partially inspired by a traditional Japanese method known as furoshiki, which sees cloths tied and folded to wrap or carry various items.

Unsurprisingly the tweet has since gone viral, with more than 180k likes and hundreds of comments.

“I just tried this for lunch today, and it’s nothing short of miraculous,” one person commented.

“This is a brilliant idea. I always get ketchup on my hands when I eat sandwiches made the usual way,” said another.

A third person added: “Wonderful! And if you use a hot sandwich maker, it’s perfect!”

The method has been an absolute hit online


The method has been an absolute hit onlineCredit: Twitter/@lantern_utp

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