You’ve been making sandwiches wrong – foodie’s hack stops filling falling out

Sandwiches are usually the most common go-to lunch option, however stacked with fillings they can often be a total mess to eat.

Fear not, one foodie has shared their mind blowing sandwich hack which eliminates any mess when you have a munch on it.

The genius behind the hack took to Twitter, under the username @lantern_utp , to share their technique which has allowed them to make their lunch favorite without the mess.

In the popular post, they attached photos to demonstrate how easy it is in a step-by-step guide.

For this bite to eat, the user has used the example of constructing a ham,cucumber and egg sandwich.

The first step shows that you need to arrange four slices of ham onto a slice of bread so that half of each slice of ham is hanging off the edge.

The Twitter user has shared their quick and simple sandwich making method

Then, you need to place your choice of filling in the middle of the ham and bread.

To achieve a mess free sandwich, all you need to do is fold the outer pieces of ham inwards.

Next, place the other piece of bread on top leaving your filling wrapped up in a little parcel.

The clever hack was somewhat inspired by the traditional Japanese method known as ‘furoshiki’, which often sees pieces of cloth tied and folded to wrap or carry multiple items.

The simple sandwich hack has now gone viral on Twitter, having racked up over 180,000 likes.

sandwich filling
The fillings remain secure and mess free

The wrapped up sandwich method is mess free

One person commented: “This is a brilliant idea. I always get ketchup on my hands when I eat sandwiches made the usual way.”

Another user added: “Wonderful! And if you use a hot sandwich maker, it’s perfect!”

A third person said: “I just tried this for lunch today, and it’s nothing short of miraculous.”

Let us know in the comments if you would try this hack!

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