You’ve been shaving your legs all wrong

SOMETIMES it feels like you only JUST shaved your legs when you feel the dreaded spikes begin to appear.

And that’s probably because we’ve been shaving our legs wrong our entire lives, as one woman reveals the right way – or at least a better way.


Have you been shaving your legs wrong? The right way means a smoother and softer finish

According to TikTok user Lauren Henderson, the shaving hack not only gets the job done in record time, but it leaves your skin feeling smoother and softer than ever.

The common method involves moving the razor in upwards motions one section at a time, before lifting the razor and starting again from the bottom of your leg.

But believe it or not, there’s a better way, apparently, and it means never letting the razor leave your skin.

Instead of single sweeps up your leg, continue shaving up and down in both directions making sure the blades stay in contact with your skin at all times.


Sounds like a recipe for disaster, we agree, but apparently moving the razor up and down the skin gives you a much smoother finish.

Writing for Yahoo Life, Lucy Thorpe agreed and said there’s no catching on the back of your knee or ankles either.

Raving about the new method, Lauren said in her TikTok clip: “It literally took me five seconds per leg to shave my legs this morning. That is the fastest it’s ever taken me in my life and you can go over your knees too and it won’t cut you up.”

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Try shaving up and down without removing the razor


Try shaving up and down without removing the razor
TikTok user Lauren Henderson shared the hack online


TikTok user Lauren Henderson shared the hack onlineCredit: TikTok/@lalalalauren00
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