You’ve been using oil wrong – mum’s hack to stop over-pouring wows viewers

A mum-of-five has discovered a trick using a bottle of oil that stops you spilling too much at once.

The parent, who goes by the name “chaldomom” on TikTok, said she learned the hack from watching other videos.

To demonstrate it, she opens a bottle of olive oil and pulls a tab.

Instead of throwing it away, she flips it around and slides the ring inside the container, stopping the excess oil from over-flowing.

She then tests it over a pan of pasta and it seems to work to perfection.

But in a follow-up video, her husband ruins the hack after not realising the tab had been popped in the bottle.

The mum peeled the tab off and flipped it around to use as a stopper

He says: “So the other day my wife posted a TikTok to flip ‘the thing’ and used the oil.

“Look she didn’t even use it.”

The mum quickly hits back and says: “My husband blamed me or thought it was a battle pass, but didn’t know his mum messed it up.

“She thought it has never been opened and as soon as she put her finger in, it fell through.”

Some viewers were surprised to see the result when using the tab trick.

The trick worked wonders for her and the oil didn't over-spill into the pasta
The trick worked wonders for her and the oil didn’t over-spill into the pasta

“Oh no…I didn’t know the purpose of that,” one said. “I always throw it away.”

A second echoed: “It looks so much easier. I will definitely give it a try.”

Others who have tried the hack gave their verdict, with a viewer criticising: “My mum tried it and it fell into the bottle.”

“I didn’t notice it fall out into my frying pan,” another added while a third pointed out: “Wait I thought everyone knew, I wish I made a video about it so I can get likes.”

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