You’ve been using the self-checkout all wrong

EVER find yourself with a bunch of coins but can’t be bothered using them at the self-checkout because it takes so long?

One smart TikTok user has revealed that you’ve been using the cash registers wrong – and this clever hack will save you a lot of time and effort.


A TikTok user revealed people have been using the coin slot at self-checkout machines all wrongCredit: TikTok/wicked_boss_babe
You can simply lift up the lid to add the coins


You can simply lift up the lid to add the coinsCredit: TikTok/wicked_boss_babe

In the video, mom and beauty influencer Cherise showed how she had been inserting coins into her local self-checkout cash register.

Like many people, she would push one coin at a time through the slot, which can be both exasperating and time consuming.

However, in the video, the person who was teaching her the proper way to deposit change into the machine shook their finger at the camera to show that this was incorrect.

They simply lifted the lid that covered the coin slot to reveal a much bigger hole.

Once the slot had been opened, all they had to do was dump the chunk of change at once and the machine would count it towards the total of the purchase.

As they showed off the right way to do it, she added: “You can add change until the green arrow goes off. Then wait for it to count.”

Despite this being a logical hack, many took to the comment section to say they either did not pay with change anymore or that this was actually wrong.

Some warned that adding change one coin at a time was better as adding it in chunks might actually clog the machine.

One person wrote: “If you overfill it, it will jam and it will be a hassle.”

A second person revealed yet another hack and said that you can also do this with the bills and add them all to the slot, it will count them one by one.

A third person, who worked at a retail store, agreed with the hack and said: “The green light will turn off if there are too many.”

It’s unclear whether this trick works with all self-service tills.

We previously revealed how Americans admitted to using self-service tills to avoid getting judged.

Whereas one Walmart worker revealed how staff know if customers are stealing using self-checkout registers.

The green arrow will let you know when to stop


The green arrow will let you know when to stopCredit: TikTok/wicked_boss_babe

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