You’ve been using your cooking oil all wrong

A MUM-OF-FIVE has revealed the correct way to use a bottle of oil and it turns out we have been doing it wrong this whole time.

The cooking hack has has left people astounded at their common mistake that can cause way too much oil to come out.


This oil hack with make cooking less messyCredit: @twisted/video/Tiktok
The woman has been praised for sharing the tip.


The woman has been praised for sharing the tip.Credit: @twisted/video/Tiktok

Taking to her TikTok channel, the woman who posts under the domain chaldomom, posted the video under the caption “TikTik ideas.”

The woman shows how she removes the lid of the bottle of cooking oil, and the piece of plastic that you have to pull off to release the oil.

Instead of making the common mistake of chucking this part in the bin, she turns it around and pushes it back into the bottle.

The oil can now be drizzled out of the bottle so that you do not pour out way too much.

Creating a nozzle on the oil bottle, the woman demonstrates how she drizzles it over a bowl of pasta.

She says: “Like seriously TikTok us awesome for teaching me something I didn’t know.”

The hack has over 13.2 million views and TikTok users were quick to comment.

“I always wondered why they made this thing so big, it’s not like we are gonna be drinking it” commented on person.

“Oh I didn’t know the purpose of that,I always threw it away” commented another.

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NINTCHDBPICT000681324978Credit: @twisted/video/Tiktok


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