You’ve been using your towel all wrong

HOW many times have you come out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your bare body before it slowly slid right off?

Well, TikTok user Brayden Singley shared the new way he wraps his towel around his waist – he can even run in it and it doesn’t fall off.


This man just revealed people have been wrapping their towels wrongCredit: TikTok/bsaremyinitials
Instead of tucking the excess on the side, you can simply roll it up


Instead of tucking the excess on the side, you can simply roll it upCredit: TikTok/bsaremyinitials

Taking to the social media platform, the professional dancer said in a video after he had come out of the shower himself: “I just discovered that I’ve been wrapping my towel around myself incorrectly for years.

“I usually take the excess and tuck it to myself like this – and I’m going to the kitchen, doing some dishes, running around and it falls down every time.”

As he said this, the towel did indeed slip off his waist before he caught it and wrapped it once more.

However, this time around, he simply began to twist the towel on itself, creating a tight seal around his body.

“But what if you tuck the excess underneath?” he questioned.

“You’re invincible!”

Not only have you been wearing your towels wrong, but you’ve also been washing them incorrectly and it’s leaving them all crispy.

Laura de Barra, the Irish author who shares the house tips she swears by in her book Gaff Goddess, posted a video online via TikTok revealing how to best look after towel fibers.

She said: “If you find that your towels are quite crispy or hard after washing, it’s because of a build-up of product in the fibers.

“So if we think about towels, by nature, their superpower is absorption, so if it’s in a wash and there hasn’t been enough rinsing, that’s usually due to the drum being too full or you’ve actually used too much detergent.

“It’s going to build up inside the fibers of the towel, this then means that the towel ends up not absorbing things so well, it doesn’t dry things properly and it’s rough to the touch.”

All is not lost, however, with Laura going on to reveal exactly how to get your towels back to being worthy of burying your face in – and one cupboard essential will come in very handy.

She added: “To get them soft again, what you need to do is put the towels into a wash with no detergent at all. So throw your towels into the drum as normal and then you’re going to put two cups of vinegar into the detergent drawer.

“Vinegar is an absolutely stunning non-toxic cleaner. She’s brilliant at cleansing fibers of that build-up of detergent. She also eliminates odors and she’s just stunning all round for your machine in general.”

Laura continued: “Pop on your cycle, warm. Not roasting hot because that can also make cotton towels a bit crispy, just gonna do a warm wash – maybe around 60.

“If the towels are really crispy and this has been going on a long time, then you’ll probably need a second wash where you’re going to put in a cup of bicarb into that detergent section in the drawer and you’re gonna wash again.”

She revealed that bicarbonate of soda is a great “natural cleaner” and helps to release any caked-on residue left in the towel fibers.

Laura also recommends “vigorously shaking out” your towels when air drying them, as it helps to “open up the fibers”, improves the hand feel of the towel, and makes them better at drying you too.

Rolling your towel up rather than tucking it to the side creates a seal that will stop it from falling


Rolling your towel up rather than tucking it to the side creates a seal that will stop it from fallingCredit: TikTok/bsaremyinitials
You’ve been washing your towels all wrong and it’s making them crispy… but you can get them soft again

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