You’ve been vacuuming all wrong… you’re making the job take longer AND leaving your house dirty

VACUUMING is easily our most hated household chore but in your rush to get the task done, you could be doing it all wrong.

There are a variety of things you should be doing to ensure you’re cleaning all of those nooks and crevices thoroughly.


There are a variety of tricks to follow to ensure a thorough vacuum every timeCredit: Getty

Read on to find out some of the best tips and tricks from Best Life for ensuring you’re doing a thorough clean every time you whip out your hoover.

Not only will it give you peace of mind knowing your home is dirt-free, but you will also be able to sleep easy knowing that you are making the most of your vacuum.

Adjust the height

One function that you might not be making the most use of is the fact that you can adjust the height of your vacuum attachment.

Because carpets are typically taller than your typical hard surface, it’s critical that you adjust the vacuum attachment’s height for the area you’re cleaning.

“Some vacuums do this automatically. But if yours doesn’t, make sure to take the time to make the proper adjustments. It will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home’s different surfaces,” Rachel Kuchle, marketing director for fabric care and protection experts Fiber-Seal Systems, said.

Vacuum in the same pattern

Vacuuming your floors or carpets in any direction you like will not get them as clean as they could be.

Instead, you should be keeping to a certain pattern.

“The best approach is to vacuum in one particular direction back-and-forth, moving across from one side of the room to the other,” cleaning expert Sean Parry from Neat Services said.

“Once that’s complete, then turn 90 degrees and use the same approach. This means that the vacuum’s suction power will pick up dirt on all four sides of the carpet fibres.”


Vacuum surfaces more than once

We know that discovering you have additional cleaning to do can be aggravating, but if you want your carpets to be pristine, you should give them a second look.

According to the editor of Expert Home Tips, Joanne Archer, carpets, in particular, need to be vacuumed twice.

Because carpet threads are twisted in different directions, you’ll miss a lot of dust and dirt if you merely vacuum in one direction.

Empty it after every couple of uses

If you’ve got a bagless vacuum, we know that sometimes the thought of consistently emptying it can be draining, doing so regularly will make the world of a difference.

Instead of waiting until the machine is overflowing, make a habit of emptying it after every couple of uses.

Doing so will help improve the efficiency of the vacuum and make your life that much easier.

Make sure you go slowly

It is important that you take your time when vacuuming, as this allows your machine to clean more effectively.

Going fast often leads to lots of dirt and dust getting left behind.

It is important that you go over each surface more than once


It is important that you go over each surface more than onceCredit: Getty

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