Zara have released fur crocs and fashion fans are obsessed but everyone is saying the same thing

WE can thank Christopher Kane and Balenciaga for making the ugliest shoe around cool.

Crocs are so mainstream in 2021 that stars have collaborated on their own versions, from Justin Bieber to Post Malone and Drew Barrymore.


Zara’s new clogs have sent fashion fans crazyCredit: Tiktok / piperlwright

It’s a trend that links Miley Cyrus to your 65-year-old auntie who loves gardening and being comfy – crocs are for everyone and anyone.

Comfort is really the whole point of them after all with their trademark air-hole punctured base that’s more lightweight than any other shoe.

Due to being ridiculously popular, the highstreet is now overflowing with different designs and popular chain Zara have just released their own version of the comfy shoe.

They’re called lined rubber clogs and they have a detachable faux fur liner.

TikTok users have gone crazy over the new shoes and surprisingly, everyone loves them.

19-year-old Piper Wright posted the video to her TikTok account ‘piperlwright’ with the caption ‘How cute are these and the fur can come off’.

Many have described the shoes as ‘fancy crocs’ and ‘luxury crocs’.

You can buy the lightweight, flexible rubber clogs from Zara for just £17.99.

The chunky soled shoes are available in beige and grey.

Clearly the new shoes have impressed numerous people as her video has racked up over 178.1k views.

The video has 12k likes, 480 comments and 1,125 shares.

One person said: ““I want them so bad.”

Another added: “I NEED these.”

A third commented: “Obsessed.”

Although everyone is loving the new shoes, many are saying the same thing about them.

The clogs are available in Zara children’s section and sizes start from a children’s 11 to a UK size 5.


Many have commented on Piper’s video expressing their annoyance that they are only available in the children’s section, and not for bigger sizes.

One person said: “Sorry but adults need these too, why child’s sizes?!”
Another added: “They’re kids for anyone searching.”

A third commented: “I hate my size 7 monster feet. I love them soooo much.”

So, would you wear these?!

Are you a fan of these fur clogs?


Are you a fan of these fur clogs?Credit: ZARA

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