Zoe Ball’s son says he’s skint as he’s ‘cut off’ financially

ZOE Ball’s son says he’s skint as he’s ‘cut off’ financially – despite mum being one of BBC’s highest paid stars.

Woody’s famous folks – Zoe and Norman Cook (also known as Fat Boy Slim) – won’t let him live off their success.


Woody, Norman and ZoeCredit: instagram.com/zoethebal

Despite the former couple being worth a combined £35million, Bristol Universty student Woody is now so poor he couldn’t afford to buy bread last week.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards, the Celebrity Gogglebox star told the Mirror: “My parents make it clear that I was born into a privilege they have had to work their ass off to get.

“My parents have cut me off completely. They are like, ‘Do you want to be a trust fund child or do you want to work?’ I want to work, so I am now self-sufficient. I don’t have a student loan.

“I am doing it all by myself. The other day I couldn’t afford bread, but I’m working through it.”

The BBC revealed the salaries of its biggest stars this summer -with Zoe making the list.

But she took a huge pay-cut this year, wiping £230,000 off her salary.

Zoe Ball has made sure Woody is financially independent


Zoe Ball has made sure Woody is financially independentCredit: Instagram

The It Takes Two star requested the 28 per cent reduction as she felt “uncomfortable”.

Her annual salary is now £980,000 as the pay cut was taken mid-financial year. 

Meanwhile Woody made his TV debut on The Circle 2 in 2019.

And fans were in hysterics at Woody unknowingly flirting with Richard Madeley.

He played himself in the reality show, but didn’t reveal who his famous parents are until weeks into the series.

Gogglebox’s Zoe Ball makes son Woody cringe as she grills him about self pleasure


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