1 in 4 Australians not hesitant about sex with strangers: survey

Covid-19 has impacted the sex lives of many Australians, but one particular demographic has not let the pandemic stop one thing.

More than a quarter of Australians are not worried about having sex with strangers during the Covid-19 pandemic, new research has revealed.

A nationally representative survey conducted by Finder of more than 1000 people has found 26 per cent of Australians are not frightened of getting in bed with new partners despite the Covid-19 outbreak crippling many parts of the country.

In fact, three per cent of Australians said they have started seeing more sexual partners since the pandemic began last year, while that number rises to five per cent for Gen Y/Millennial respondents (born between 1981 and 1996) and six per cent for Gen Z (born from 1997).

Men represented five per cent of the respondents who said they’d been sleeping with new people, while just two per cent were women.

Escort and author Samantha X told NCA NewsWire the need for sexual connection had actually risen during the pandemic.

“The need for intimacy and connection is not gone just because there is a pandemic,” she said.

“A lot of Australians live alone; the need to improve mental health is at an highest especially among young people.

“I noticed with my (escort) agency that even while we’re shut temporarily (because of public health orders) the need is still there.

“We have been inundated with lonely men searching for connection and it’s not just about sex, it’s about connection.”

However, Finder’s research has found a portion of Australians are experiencing a love lockdown.

An estimated 10 per cent of Australians have stopped having sex with new partners while 14 per cent are seeing fewer partners than before the pandemic.

Alex Hourigan, Finder’s lifestyle expert, said the pandemic had taken a toll on single Australians.

“Despite a singles bubble for many in lockdown, when you can’t go out and meet new people with friends, it makes it harder to find that special someone,” she said.

“Despite it all, Australians have found other ways of interacting with new partners.

“Younger Aussies are less reluctant than Baby Boomers to find new mates, but they are also less likely to be severely impacted by the Covid-19.

“From online dating to self love, there are plenty of options to keep yourself entertained while remaining Covid-safe.

“Once we reach herd immunity, there may very well be 300,000 Aussies back on the prowl.”

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