What took Facebook down: Major global outage drags on

The old network troubleshooting saying is, when anything goes wrong, “It’s DNS.” This time Domain Name Server (DNS) appears to be the symptom of the root cause of the Facebook global failure. The true cause is that there are no working Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes into Facebook’s sites. BGP is the standardized exterior gateway protocol used to exchange routing and […]

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Facebook Stock Tumbles as Controversies Finally Start to Add Up

The damaging headlines surrounding Facebook‘s business may finally be having an effect on the company’s stock. Facebook shares were down 5% in Monday trading, following a national television appearance Sunday by a whistleblower who has provided internal company documents to The Wall Street Journal, and—we now know—the Securities and Exchange Commission. The complaints, which whistleblower Frances […]

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Black Woman Suspected of Trafficking White Girl Who Is Actually Her Sister at Dallas Airport

An airline was accused of racism after targeting a black woman suspected of trafficking a white child that ended up being her little sister. The shocked 21-year-old was left in tears.  A 21-year-old black woman named Lakeyjanay Bailey was deeply traumatized when she was publically humiliated by airport authorities. This occurred when she landed at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Officers were […]

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Peter Andre launches Teletubbies as band manager as they take on Coldplay with 25th anniversary comeback singles & album

NINETIES chart rivals Peter Andre and the TELETUBBIES are back making music, The Sun can reveal. The Mysterious Girl singer is managing the kids’ favourites as they release two singles and an album ahead of their milestone 25th anniversary next year.   2 Peter Andre is managing the TELETUBBIES who are releasing an album that will […]

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Kelly Price updates – Singer returns after cops said she was ‘missing’ following Covid diagnosis reveal on Instagram

Entertainment SHE’S ‘SAFE!’ – Who is Kelly Price and what is her net worth? GOSPEL singer Kelly Price disappeared in Georgia but has now been confirmed safe, law enforcement has told The Sun. The mysterious incident came after she was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and suddenly left the hospital “without her family’s knowledge.” She was […]

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Cops Called to Dog Trainer’s House after She Did Not Answer a Client’s Texts for 20 Minutes

A dog owner, who called the cops on her dog trainer for not replying quick enough, was caught on film shouting and cursing at the trainer after she refused to train her dog. As soon as the camera pointed at the woman, she calmed down. A dog trainer went viral after she posted footage of a client going […]

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Exhausted Mom Decides to Use Hot Sauce to Stop Daughter from Nursing, Regrets It Right Away

A desperate mom has been trying to wean off her two-year-old to no avail. When her husband suggested tricking their daughter into sucking hot sauce, she agreed. Only mothers would know the real exhaustion of having a baby latch on for milk the entire day and night. Sometimes, it would drive mothers desperate to wean […]

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Woman Picks Wedding Date before Her Fiancé’s Sister and Refuses to Change It

A woman booked a wedding date and venue after asking her fiance’s sister about her own wedding plans. After the sister said she had no plans, she went hysterical because the woman picked the wedding date she wanted. Planning for a wedding can be pretty stressful as everything has to be considered, especially the wedding […]

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Mom’s Suspicions Help to Diagnose Another Disorder in Her Daughter with Down Syndrome

Feeling as if she was going crazy, Austin Carrigg had to face the wrath of the medical system when she tried to challenge doctor’s opinions on what she knew was true for her own daughter. Austin Carrigg’s motherly instincts kicked in after her now-8-year-old daughter, Melanie, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Although medical professionals insisted that this was […]

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