14 Year Old Hero Saves his Friend at the cost of his life

14-year-old logan Folger will be remembered as a hero after he gave his life to save a friend this month. The youngster noticed that one of his friends was sinking in the water. He rushed in to help without a second thought.


The canal at Staveley has been known for its rough currents, and they proved deadly recently. East Midlands ambulance service shared that the boy found himself in trouble close to mill green in the afternoon on August 18.


Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service rushed to the scene to assist the boy and pulled him from the water. He was in critical condition and was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away 3 days later.  Coroners have compiled a file, and officials do not suspect any foul play. Derbyshire coroner Peter Nieto said the incident was a “tragic accident.” He also outlined the sequencing of the events.

“Logan and a friend tried to assist that friend, and logan himself got into difficulty and went underwater for a prolonged period.” while rescuers could get them out of the water, it was a little too late for Folger.

Group manager lee Williams expressed that it was “devastating” to report another “water fatality this summer.” he warned people about the dangers of open water, hidden currents, debris, and cold water shock.

A poster next to dangerous canal warns people to stay away from the water | Photo: Twitter/GHR_Derbyshire

Folger’s mother had put up. On a wooden pole, she left a warning sign for others visiting the area. She had also placed a poster of her son near the accident scene, captioned “Our hero.”

A photograph of a youngster who drowned is placed on a tree to honor him as a hero | Photo: Twitter/GHR_Derbyshire

Community members gathered at Folger’s memorial, and many of them made signs to honor the youngster. The tragedy will hopefully alert others in the area to the dangers of the canal and urge them to steer clear of the water. The family will certainly remember their loved one as a hero who rescued his friend.

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