3 stars for Dallas Mavericks to monitor as trade targets

For the second consecutive NBA season, in what probably felt like deja vu, the Dallas Mavericks were sent home packing in the first round of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Clippers. Only this time around, Kristaps Porzingis was healthy for the Mavericks, which didn’t really alter the outcome of the series much.

The only reason Dallas even had a chance to upset Los Angeles was due to the stellar performance that Luka Doncic put together in the first round.

With another first-round exit, the Mavericks are tasked with discovering what the best solutions are to turn themselves into contenders in the Western Conference.

In all likeliness, that begins with Dallas moving on from Porzingis this summer, electing to go in a different direction. The main focus for the Mavericks needs to be finding another star or two that can mesh well alongside Doncic.

There could be a bevy of notable names made available via trade around the NBA, whether during the offseason or just in the relatively near future. Dallas landed Reggie Bullock and Sterling Brown in free agency but struck out in their efforts of pursuing an All-Star talent.

In terms of the trade department, there are a few stars that the Dallas Mavericks should at least kick the tires on this summer in hopes to manufacture a legitimate title contender in a competitive Western Conference.

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