45 products so good they’re guilty of making us totally reliant on them

Sometimes, I’ll buy something — often an inexpensive, impulsive purchase — that ends up being essential to my existence. It usually takes me by surprise, too. For example, I bought a silicone microwave popcorn popper that I was curious about (but I was sure that I wouldn’t use it). I’m usually dedicated to the pop-in-the-pan method when it comes to popcorn, but I changed my mind. I have used that thing almost every day since it arrived, and my once-loved popcorn pan is gathering dust. Amazon is full of great stuff like this. The trick is finding the must-have products, which, as it happens, I did for you.

That’s right: I tracked down the kind of useful and excellent products that are so good, they’re guilty of making us totally reliant on them. There are simple dish cloths made of bamboo and clever trackers to help you find your keys. There’s even a pack of 50 disposable face masks for less than $15, which is a total bargain. There’s something in here — probably several somethings — that’ll become your silicone popcorn popper.

The question is this: Are you ready to click “Add to Cart” and take that chance? If you do, there’s a good possibility that you’ll become totally reliant on them (no shame).

1. This silicone toilet brush that cleans hard-to-reach places

Once you upgrade your toilet brush to this D-shaped silicone scrubber that comes in its own slender holder, you’ll wonder why you allowed that old scrubbing brush to stay in your bathroom for so long. This one is flexible and gets into every crevice — even up under the rim — and it doesn’t hold onto water. It even disappears from view when you put it way.

2. A rechargeable hand warmer that also powers your phone

Keep this hand warmer charged and in your pocket for two reasons: Your hands never get cold and you’ll have power for your phone. That’s because this is a hand warmer with three heat settings and a phone charger. This gizmo will come to your rescue for either of these common out-in-the cold issues.

3. An acupressure mat that comes with a pillow

This acupressure mat is basically a bed — and pillow — of plastic spikes. It sounds harsh, but over 17,000 people have given it five stars for relieving pain. Here’s what happens: You lie down on it, and it hurts — and then, your muscles release the tension and knots. The system also helps increase blood circulation, and you only need to use it for 10 to 30 minutes each day.

4. This silicone popcorn popper that collapses for storage

Whatever your current popcorn method is, you’ll probably love using this silicone microwave popper. Pour your own kernels into it (along with the oil you prefer), put it in the microwave, and let the popcorn pop. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher afterwards and collapses down for easy storage between snacks.

5. A 100-pack of disposable face masks for under $15

These disposable face masks are probably everything you’re looking for right now. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. Plus, they offer nose clips so you can secure them better, along with elastic ear bands for further customization. This pack comes with 50, which is a total bargain for under $15.

6. A fabric shaver that’ll help save your old sweaters

When your sweaters or other garments start to look tired and covered in pills or pulled threads, you can give them a quick spa treatment with this little shaver and no one will ever know that happened. It’s rechargeable, so you can run through your closet quickly — and the cover offers protection as you work.

7. This foaming epsom salt bath that smells like lavender

Are you stressed or sore? Sink into some lavender scented bubbles and calm your senses. The hot water and foaming epsom salts will relax your body while the scent of lavender eases your mind. Over 24,000 people have given this relaxation-in-a-bottle five stars. Soak your way back to calm.

8. A wireless phone charger made with aviation aluminum

This sleek wireless charging disk will be there for you whenever you need to charge your phone (and don’t have a charging cord). It’s Qi-compatible and made with aviation aluminum. Plus, it comes in 13 colors and has gotten five-star ratings from over 25,000 Amazon reviewers.

9. These lava pumice stones to gently exfoliate your feet

These are real lava-rock pumice stones that work gentle wonders on the callused, rough skin on your feet. Soak your feet in warm water before scrubbing them with one of these, and those dry spots will wash away. This is a two-pack and each has a loop so you can hang them in the shower.

10. An adjustable cell phone stand made with durable aluminum

Set your phone down in this stand and you’ll be able to see the screen at a glance, whether the phone is vertical or horizontal. The hinged phone holder moves 270 degrees, and there are channels in the back for your charging wires. It’ll hold pretty much any phone, even if it’s in a thick case.

11. These silky sheets you can afford to own in multiples

These brushed microfiber sheets are as soft and breathable as silk or high-thread-count cotton, but they’re so affordable you can probably own several sets. They come in 22 colors, so you can change the look of your bedroom every time you change the sheets — and this pack includes a top sheet, bottom sheet, and two pillow cases.

12. A moisturizing cream “for extremely dry, cracked hands”

Over 26,000 Amazon shoppers who have experienced dry, cracked hands love this hand cream. It heals and repairs cracks, dryness, blisters, and other painful and annoying hand issues and makes your hands soft, dry to the touch, and not slippery.

13. A botanical foot peel that uncovers your soft feet

This foot peel is a strange-but-satisfying process that thousands of people are completely down for. Put your feet into these exfoliating socks — which are infused with botanical extracts — and and wait a couple of hours before you take them off. Two days later, your feet will start peeling like a snake shedding its skin — and your new baby-soft feet will emerge.

14. This gadget that knows where your keys are

What do you lose on the reg? Keys, phone, wallet? Whatever it is, this tracker will find it. First, attach one of the tracker fobs to your keys (or whatever you regularly lose). When you can’t find it, hit the button on the remote that corresponds with the fob. Then, it’ll beep so you can locate it. There’s even a flashlight on the remote to help you see it in the dark under the couch.

15. The bamboo dishcloths with a scrubby side that dries fast

Give up your sponges and try these bamboo dishcloths. They dry quickly, are sized perfectly for your hand, and have a scrubby side that gets pans and dishes clean. Because they are made of bamboo, they are antimicrobial and antibacterial. And since they dry so fast, they won’t hold onto unwanted odors. You can throw them in the wash, too.

16. These gloves that’ll give your hands instant hydration

If your hands are dry from washing, simply don these collagen- and botanical-infused gloves for 20 minutes and instant moisture. They’re one-size-fits-all and filled with hydrating ingredients (like shea butter) along with vitamin E. There are five in this package.

17. This case that sanitizes your toothbrush with UV light

The toothbrush you are about to put in your mouth is quite possibly slathered in germs. But it won’t be after you close it into this UV sanitizing case, which helps remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. The case turns on a UV light when you put your toothbrush in it (and turns it off again after five minutes).

18. An alarm clock that wakes you with gentle light

This alarm clock lights your room slowly — like a sunrise — to tap your natural circadian rhythms and stir you awake gently. Then, by the time the audible alarm goes off — a sound you can choose — you’re already awake. It has a sunset feature as well that’s perfect for winding down and falling asleep.

19. These plug-in lights that come on when it’s dark

Plug these lights into an outlet wherever you need some gentle light to come on automatically when it’s dark. These do nothing until it’s dark, and then they’ll provide a soft, dim light —just enough to guide you but not light up the room. They dim when there is some light and turn off completely when there is plenty of it.

20. A tracker for your keys or anything you might lose

This clever Tile tracker will just about guarantee that you never lose your keys, bag, or wallet again. Just attach it to your keychain (or whatever you want to track) and connect it via Bluetooth to your phone. When you lose your keys, tap the Tile app on your phone and the fob will set off an alarm. If you lose your phone, it works in reverse. Press the Tile button and your phone will alarm — even if it’s on silent.

21. This 3-in-1 wireless charger for all of your tech

This wireless charger is like a modern-day valet. Set your phone, watch, and wireless AirPod case down on it and all of your gear will charge up in the night and be organized and easy to find in the morning. The two pieces of the charger separate and snap together magnetically so you can have your phone on the bedside table and everything else on a dresser.

22. This lemon-scented gel that cleans crevices

There is no need to get out the Q-tips or buy a tiny vacuum cleaner just to get your keyboard and the tiny crevices in your car clean. This fresh, lemony goo is a brilliant crevice duster. Squish it into the cracks, between the keys, and onto those strange car corners and it’ll grab everything that’s loose, absorbing the dirt into its squishy self. As this duster gets dirtier, your crevices get cleaner.

23. This fidget toy that’s like popping bubble wrap

If you love it when a package arrives wrapped in bubble wrap so you can pop that stuff, you will love these three fidget toys. They are a quieter — but just as satisfying — version of bubble wrap. But they can also be used as a coaster, tossed like a frisbee, or just squished in your hand to give your fingers something to do.

24. These satin pillowcases that are gentle on your hair

Do you wake up with tousled hair every morning? That’s normal, but there’s a solution: Try these satin pillowcases. Satin is gentle on your skin and hair and won’t absorb moisture, and it feels super smooth. Over 95,000 people love sleeping on these satin pillowcases, and they come in 25 gorgeous colors.

25. A double-sided tape that can hang just about anything

It’s fun to read the many ways that Amazon reviewers are finding to use this reusable double-sided tape. They’re sticking everything from shelves to plants, lights, and TVs to the walls and rugs to the floor — and everything stays put. But you can also remove it and it won’t leave a residue. How handy is that?

26. This toilet seat lifter so you don’t have to touch it

Lifting the toilet seat isn’t always ideal. To avoid ever having to do that again, install this leaf handle to it. When you need to lift the seat, it’s there, ready to move so you don’t have to touch the actual seat. All you do is peel-and-stick it to the lid.

27. A cure for chafing that you can keep in your bag

If your shorts, bra strap, backpack, or any garment starts to chafe, you’ll probably want to change your clothes. But you can also stop it by rubbing this balm over your skin at the first hint of friction so you can keep right on going. Keep it in your backpack or locker and you’ll never have to give up the race or game because of an ill-chosen garment. Bonus? It’s made of natural, plant-based ingredients.

28. A memory foam lumbar pillow to help prevent backaches

If you drive a lot or sit in a desk chair all day, your back might be hurting. This lumbar pillow supports your lower back in whatever seat you’re in so that you can maintain the natural curve of your spine and prevent slouching. It’s made from high-density memory foam and has a strap to hold it firmly in place that’ll work in a car seat or chair.

29. This roll-up drying mat that goes over the sink

Set this roll-up drying mat down over the sink and you can wash vegetables right on it, leave dishes on it to dry, and even move a hot pan from the stove since it’s made of stainless steel and silicone. It transforms that sink into a highly functioning work surface. And when you want the sink back, just roll it up and put it in a drawer.

30. An ice maker that also dispenses the cubes

Most ice cube trays are a hassle, but this ice mold is clever and easy to use. Simply fill it with water like you’re filling a bottle. When it’s frozen, pull the straps to separate the two internal trays. Then, shake it to break the ice apart and pour it out. It’s thermal, so you can even take the ice with you and it won’t melt for hours.

31. This warm beanie with built-in headphones

Pull on this hat and head out. Then, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and play an audio book or tunes through the built-in wireless headphones. The controls are right on the brim so you can keep your phone in a pocket, and the battery lasts for hours. This will be your best hat.

32. A callous remover gel that over 15,000 people love

If you want softer feet fast, reach for this callus remover; it works in just a few minutes. Soak your feet in hot water, towel-dry your skin, apply this gel, and then scrub it off to remove a layer of calluses quickly. You can use it with a pumice stone for extra effectiveness (or you can use it alone).

33. This cooling blanket that keeps you chilly at night

People who sleep cold have many options for getting warm. But what if you sleep hot? This cooling blanket is woven from a textile fabric that’s cool to the touch. Sleeping underneath it is like finding the cool part of the pillow on a hot night. It’s also breathable so that your body heat and sweat dissipate through it to keep you cool.

34. These glasses that ward off blue light from technology

It’s possible that the blue light emitted by your computer screen or phone can cause eye fatigue and sleeplessness. These glasses — though clear — are like sunglasses that filter out that blue light to prevent all of that. There are three in this pack, all of which are pretty fashionable.

35. A rubbery brush that grabs all the pet hair

This soft, rubbery squeegee for pet hair is super effective. Just scrape it along the couch, rug, or pet bed, and it’ll grab the fur so you can vacuum it up or throw it away. Reviewers have written that it pulls pet hair out of rugs that have just been vacuumed and is a must have pet-owners tool.

36. This big water bottle that reminds you to hydrate

Staying hydrated is important, but remembering to drink water steadily all day long is hard. That’s why this huge water bottle is like a personal trainer for hydration. Fill it in the morning and sip steadily. A glance at the ounce markers printed on it will tell you if you are on track or falling behind.

37. The charcoal-filled bags that help reduce unwanted odors

Bamboo charcoal is highly effective at capturing and neutralizing any unwanted odor, and these linen bags filled with the stuff are designed so that you can apply just the right amount of deodorizer to the area you’re working with. You can put a small bag in a shoe or gym bag, or you can hang a large one in the closet or bathroom. There are two large and eight small satchels in this package, each with a grommet for hanging.

38. These exfoliating pouches for your bars of soap

Bar soaps are lovely, but they tend to dissolve too quickly in the shower — and it’s tempting to throw them away when there’s only a little bit left. These exfoliating bags fix all of that. Put the bar — even the large ones — into the loofah-like bag, and you can scrub with it. When the bar gets too small, add another one. All the soap will get used. You can use one in the shower and one by the sink.

39. A shelf divider that instantly organizes the closet

That chaos in your closet shelves is just a couple of these shelf dividers away from order. Install them by sliding the bottom hooks over a standard closet shelf. They’ll stand upright, letting you stack folded items in neat piles and stand bags and boots up so they don’t fall over. Plus, they come in platinum or bronze.

40. These finger gloves that improve mobile gaming

If you are tired of cleaning the screen constantly when you play video games on your phone, these finger sleeves are the solution. They not only help prevent oil marks left by fingers, but they also improve your reaction times by enhancing the touch sensitivity of your screen.

41. This case that keeps all your gear organized in a grid

Digging around in a bag amid a jumble of gear is frustrating. This grid storage system holds everything in place so you can see what’s what — and it doesn’t care what size or shape your items are. Just pull an elastic away from the rigid back and slide whatever you have in. It’ll hold everything snug. It works for all the small items you carry, from medication to technology to cosmetics.

42. This clamp that connects a game controller to your phone

What if you could use your game controller to play games on your phone without hunching over a phone stand? This foldable clamp holds those two devices together so you can play while sitting back on the couch, on the bus, or wherever. And when you set your mobile gaming rig down, a kickstand keeps it from falling over.

43. These hangers that hold anything with a handle

Stick the mop, dustbin, kitty litter scoop, fishing rods, or anything else with a handle that you’d like to keep within reach to the wall in seconds with these adhesive hangers. They have a strong peel-and-stick adhesive back, so they’re easy to install. Once in place, you just push a handle into to them to hang your stuff.

44. A screen magnifier so you can watch bigger movies

Sometimes, you want the image on your phone screen to be bigger — whether you’re watching a movie or making a Zoom call. This magnifier is the low-tech solution to that issue. Set your phone in the stand and look at the screen through the curved magnifier. It increases the image size two to four times.

45. This RFID-blocking wallet made of durable leather

This slim wallet holds twelve cards and has a handy window for your ID — but it also features thumb holes to make getting your often-used cards out easy. It even sports a secret pocket for cash and is made of leather that’s lined with RFID-blocking material. Choose from 15 colors; over 45,000 people already have.

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