5 Best Mystery Shows on Netflix

With Netflix churning out show after show, fans of all genres have new content to see every month. Whether it’s romance, comedy, or thrillers, the streaming service promises something for everyone. 

The most popular and highly rated of its shows have been its mysteries, with ‘Wednesday’ recently becoming the most watched series of all time. This website also offers the same level of action and entertainment for those looking to distract themselves after a long day at the office. Whether you’re looking for binge-worthy shows, mini-series or slow paced police procedurals, Netflix promises to cater to all your needs. 

For mystery lovers, it’s hard to find something that can satisfy their love for the genre. This list will take you through 5 of the best Mystery shows that are currently available on Netflix and promise to keep you hooked. 

1. Wednesday

Tim Burton’s hit show promises goth horror, gore, brilliant aesthetics and a monstrous killer on the loose. With Jenna Ortega playing a chilling Wednesday Addams, it follows her trying to solve these murders as she simultaneously deals with her psychic visions.

With new characters being introduced, to old and beloved characters from the Addams family universe making a re-entry, this show is nostalgic for those who are familiar with the likes of ‘Thing’ and ‘Morticia Addams’. 

‘Nevermore’, the fictional academy where the show is set, is a visual treat for all mystery watchers. There are Easter eggs from previous Addams’ family shows and films throughout the movie, and every episode ends on a cliffhanger. The show will leave any mystery buff’s head spinning, and they won’t know what has hit them by the end of the season. 

2. Manifest 

With 4 seasons of a mind-bending storyline, strong characters, and a gripping portrayal of a plane gone missing, Manifest is a binge-worthy show of epic proportions. 

This show follows the Stone family, along with other surviving members of Flight 828, as they try to return to society after being ‘missing’ and presumed dead for 5 years. Their plane disappeared only to magically return half a decade later, making everyone around them question their existence.

The passengers now have visions they refer to as ‘Callings’, and they use these visions to solve everyday mysteries and protect themselves from those around them, while tackling the biggest mystery of all: where were they for all this time? 

3. Stranger Things

Recently released, the 4th season of Stranger Things has been one of the most popular seasons of a show to ever be produced. With its cast having shot to fame overnight due to its popularity, this show is hours of binge-worthy adventure waiting to be watched. 

The show is centered around ‘Eleven’, a strange girl played brilliantly by Millie Bobby Brown. The sequence of events starts to unfold when a small boy disappears, and his disappearance opens up a world of supernatural mysteries that the small town must now deal with. 

4. Lucifer 

Full of wits, charm, and good looks, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer, the King of Hell in this popular Netflix show. Having left his throne in Hell, the Devil takes up residence in Los Angeles where he somehow partners up with a detective to solve murder cases everyday. 

The concept sounds bizarre, but works well. With well timed comedic dialogues, and loose biblical references, this controversial mystery drama is worth the watch. All the characters are divine, but human in their flaws and that makes it relatable to those watching it. 

5. The Sinner

For anyone who is a fan of a well thought out murder mystery, this chilling drama revolves around a single question: what makes seemingly normal people want to commit murder? 

With the show being divided into parts which form different stories, it follows Detective Harry Ambrose as he analyzes the motives behind these treacherous crimes. 

Jessica Biel gives her career best performance as a young mother who senselessly murders a stranger. As Ambrose tries to work out the intricacies of her motives, her dark past is revealed.

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